Why are Custom Boxes used as Essential Advertisement Tool?

Posted On: Oct-02-2019 why-are-custom-boxes-used-as-essential-advertisement-tool

How the Idea of Advertisement Evolved?

When you hear the words advertisement or advertising, what comes to your mind first? Probably the banners? Posters in the subway station? Ads on the website? Maybe super bowl commercials? How can you forget about the billboards along the way? While most of us are well aware of the idea of advertising, it is a little hard to understand what exactly does it means!

With new advancements and innovations, means of advertisements have certainly changed a lot with times. Despite all this, the significance and need for promotions and advertisements haven’t changed a lot. Brands have really stepped up with their strategies and tactics to promote their services and products. Since the competition has grown so tough over the past decade, and the goal is all about customer’s attraction and retention, therefore, businesses had to come up with an effective solution. After all, all this is associated with more sales and business growth.

Packaging: The Fifth ‘P’ of Marketing Mix

As we are talking about innovative and advance advertisement tool, what is it other than banners, billboards, and posters? Why has everyone been raving about this new marketing tool? Why has it created a buzz everywhere? Well, we dive into these answers we need to know about what is it. The buzzy tool is no other than the packaging! That is right it is the packaging which has transformed the ways advertisements was viewed before. We are well aware of the four main P’s of a marketing mix that is product, place, price, and promotion. But another equally important P is Packaging.

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Packaging manufacturers are well aware of the impact of packaging and how big of a difference it can bring into the business, of course, in a better way. To really step up the packaging game, custom box packaging solution was introduced and boom! Everybody got the solution they have been looking for. Today, the packaging is playing the most important role in setting up a building the brand. In addition to this, with customized packaging solutions, businesses got that breakthrough they always wanted. Now they have all the freedom to choose the material, size, color, style, and design of their product packaging. If you are looking for the answer why everyone has been raving about it, and how it can act as an essential advertising tool, then you have to read the whole article till the end!

Custom Printed Boxes with Logo Promotes Brand

As we have deliberated above that the packaging is an essential advertising tool but how? It is yet to discuss. Custom printed boxes with logo, brand’s name, and product-related information on them are considered as the most effective and cheapest marketing tool ever. How? Well, when customers will buy your product in the beautifully customized packaging, they will take your products to other places, and other people will learn about your brand and the products you offer. If your custom boxes are attractive enough to impress people, you will be more likely to make new customers.

Helps in Capturing Customer’s Attention

Effective packaging can actually help companies to grab the attention of more customers. It can set your brand apart from a wide variety of options that are available for customers to choose from. Of course, there will not be only your brand that is selling a particular type of products. There are hundreds of other brands that are offering the same type of product may be in even less price. You have to make sure that your packaging is attractive enough to get the attention of your customers and of enough high-quality that will make them buy your products.

Custom Boxes Tells the Brands Story

Packaging matters ton and speaks volume so use it effectively to tell your brand’s story to your customers. For doing so, you need to put under consideration your packaging’s material, color, size, shape, style, and design. Moreover, color, font, and printing will also play their major rule in expressing the key characteristics of your company. For example, if you are choosing a sustainable packaging solution, then it will show your concern about your environment and its protection. However, you think of beginning the design; you need to consider the demographics of your consumers and how you can appeal to them. Moreover, you need to customize the packaging in a way that it will tell what your products and brand is all about.


Packaging makes the world go round, and there is no product in the world that comes without any packaging. Today, boxes are not just to pack the product, but they have become much more than that now have become a key source of presenting and promoting all types of products. If you consider getting your hands on custom printed boxes, then you will get benefits mentioned above.