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Why Pak Boxes

Why PakBoxes

Are you looking for the highest quality Custom Boxes for any of your specific products with their own unique set of requirements? PakBoxes is the best Custom Printed Boxes supplier all over the USA offering best designs for products from all industries. We have expert and skilled box designers with high tech equipment that combine well to produce the highest quality custom Cardboard Boxes offering all required features at the same time. Our attention to detail with superb customer service is second to none in the US market.

PakBoxes is a packaging expert for all types and kinds of products. Our custom Corrugated Boxes are able to provide safe and secure packaging for all fragile and shipping specific products. You will find all customization options ready to go for your specific products. We also offer very attractive and cheap wholesale prices along with high value for money deals for our bulk-packaging customers. We offer free shipping, no die and plate charges, free design support, top quality materials and high-definition printing on bulk orders starting from 100 boxes. Additionally, our Custom Boxes are always customized to suit very product’s needs in terms of their shapes, designs and finishes. You will get fast turnaround for your packaging boxes as well.

Hot Selling Products

Hair Extension Boxes

PakBoxes is proudly serving its valued customers with appealing hair extension boxes. We are specialize in box customization that meet ideal satisfaction level. We feel pleasure to stay connected at each phase of customization.

Bakery Boxes

We are offering the best bakery boxes for all items. These customized boxes make it easier for you to carry bakery products i.e. cakes, biscuits etc. Custom printed bakery boxes are easily accessible in variety of style, color and sizes.

Gable Boxes

PakBoxes is providing wide-range of Gable Boxes i.e. Eco-friendly, Kraft and Custom Printed boxes etc. Order high-quality gable boxes for your retail business, gift packaging and product display. Share your requirements and get your packaging now.

Cigarette Boxes

If the cigarette box is up to mark in its appearance and style, it attracts the smokers. They trust and choose the brand for its unique appearance along with quality taste. PakBoxes offers your customize cigarette packaging that help in keeping you ahead.

Custom Boxes and Packaging Solution

Products from different industries come in different shapes, designs, dimensions and types. PakBoxes is a packaging provider in the US who takes care of every minute requirement for each product type. We have some of the most versatile customization options that include the likes of clear window boxes, double side boxes, gable boxes and many more. Virtually ever type of product packaging boxes is an option with our brilliant Custom Boxes made from high quality materials. Our Free Design Support feature also allows our clients to design some of the most suitable Cardboard Boxes for their products. You can expect just a perfect fit and finish for all your product packaging with

Perfect High-Quality Materials for All Products

PakBoxes provides high-end materials for our packaging boxes. High-quality cardboard is the material of choice for our best packaging boxes. We provide specialized Corrugated Boxes for our clients that are able to offer safety and security for all kinds and types of products. Whether you have very fragile shipping products or custom retail ones, our Custom Boxes will provide them perfect packaging at all times. You can also select your cardboard packaging boxes in a variety of thickness grades as well. Our boxes are perfect for all types of products as well. Available in precise sizes and dimensions, these fulfill all customer needs most efficiently.

High Definition Printing with Multiple Finish Options

Retail packaging is all about its beautiful designs. Custom Printed Boxes are very much a modern requirement and have the ability to boost sales for retail shelf placed products. offers top quality high definition p

rinting options with our latest offset printing equipment. You will be able to have very accurate and purposeful printed designs for your Custom Printed Boxes. Get fancy attractive designs or brand identity boosting logo printing for your printed boxes at affordable prices. Different printing finish options that make your boxes appeal more to customers include custom gold/silver foil stamping, raised ink printing, embossing or debossing. Regular text or design prints are also available with our perfectly durable and accurate custom packaging boxes.

Attractive Custom Boxes with Unique Surface Finishes

Products that are sold from retail shelves in supermarkets or retail stores get intense competition from other brands in the market. A product manufacturer’s ability to attract as much attention from retail shelves as possible will ultimately make that required difference. PakBoxes offers top quality customized Custom Cardboard Boxes that serve the need for maximum customer attraction perfectly. Our boxes are available with a variety of custom surface lamination and finish options. You can get the beautiful and elegant matte, shiny and luxurious gloss or the unique spot UV surface finish options for your packaging boxes and make your products great to look and feel at the same time.

We Provide Free Shipping with Affordable Wholesale Prices

Custom Boxes are all about their profit margin enhancing affordable prices. No packaging boxes are good until they are available cheaply without taking much from the profit margins for product manufacturers. PakBoxes is a packaging provider you can trust with highest quality boxes that come at cheap affordable prices at the same time. Our affordable Wholesale Custom Boxes are the perfect choice for any product manufacturer and are able to offer all high-quality features at the same time. Additionally, we also provide USA-wide free shipping for our bulk orders. You will get free shipping all over the USA getting your desired packaging boxes right at your doorstep with quickest turnaround in the national market.

Top Quality Customer Service and a Unique Buying Experience

PakBoxes is from one of the most experienced packaging provider groups in the US. We have decades of experience in the industry and are now able to fulfill all our client requirements most efficiently. Our customer care agents are all trained professionally and offer friendliest service for all our clients from the country. Our agents specialize with Free Design Support as well and will help you design some of the most suitable Custom Boxes for your products. Whether you need Corrugated Boxes or any other material ones, our customer care staff members will guide you to the perfect ones for your specific product types. We offer our clients a unique buying experience as well. On bulk orders, there are no die and plate charges added to our invoices. No hidden charges apply and yet we offer quick turnaround with cheap bulk prices or wholesale orders starting from 100 boxes.


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