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Metalized Boxes

Metalized Box Printing

When you talk about metalized printing, it is a print job requiring specific skills. Every printing company cannot complete quality metalized printing jobs properly. Hence, when you are looking for a metalized printing company, make sure that it has the required experience.

Hire an Experienced Box Foiling Company

It is important to check the profile of a box foiling company before you put your hard-earned money to hire it. Most customers do not check the sample work that has been completed by the printing company. By viewing the samples, you can check whether they are up to standard or not. If you think that samples are not as per standard, you can check what other companies have to offer. Box foiling whether gold foil boxes or silver foil packaging require the finest printing practices. Once you have figured out that a company can do the best job for you, you need to conduct discussion sessions with the designer.

Meeting Discussions with the Designer

In case of metalized printing, selecting the overall design theme is very important. Ideally, a sharp color scheme should not be used on the metal foil as it spoils the overall impression.
  • It is always good to have a series of meeting sessions with the designer. To start with, finalize the shape of the box that you want to go with. The theme does depend on the shape of the box.
  • Along with the design, you have to go for the correct color scheme. Now, here, you can choose between two options. If you have a color scheme in mind, you can discuss that with the designer. A professional designer would provide you an expert suggestion about whether you are going with the correct color scheme or not. The color scheme depends on the product type as well.
  • If you do not have a color combination in mind, you can view the samples recommended by the designer.

Timeline of the Print Job

Every print job has a timeline. However, it is important that the timeline is communicated properly to the printing company. Most printing companies do not work with a plan and this causes delays in the print job. Hence, ask for a work plan before the printing company starts working on your order.
  • Discuss the texture of foiling with the designer. For instance, you can opt for the foil that is plain or has a textured print.
  • Before the printing company prints all the boxes, ask for a sample according to your foiling requirements. In this way, you would know whether the print job is being completed in accordance with your needs or not.