An Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Packaging

Posted On: Apr-04-2019  By: Elena Oscar Eco-Friendly Packaging

How to Make Your Packaging Sustainable?

In order to improve the sustainability of packaging, there are four principles that must be followed. The first principle is that packages must fit-for-purpose it means your packaging necessarily meet the demand or requirement of the market and your customers. Second is resource efficiency that is come from minimizing the cost by optimal use of available resources. The third is the use of eco-friendly packaging material that ensures the minimum negative impacts on the environment. Last one is material of packages should be recyclable or reusable. If your packaging is according to these principles then you should sustain long easily in the market. On the other hand, those packages which are not according to these principles they lose sustainability.

Easy Steps to Construct Packaging More Feasible:

  1. Minimum Material to Reduce Wastage:

The design of packaging has to be focused on the optimal use of resources in this way the wastage cost reduces that would resultantly reduce the overall cost of preparation of boxes. To control excessive use material eliminate unnecessary material from packaging design. You can reduce the size of packages, the weight of packages or thickness packages in order to eliminate the wastage.

Sustainable packaging

  1. Eco-Friendly Material For Boxes:

The material such contain hazardous substances must be avoided at any cost because it impacts badly on the environment. And that type of material is not easy to decompose. It creates a threat to the environment and increases pollution. This also poses a risk for the ecosystem. Eco-friendly packaging material helps to attain the trust of the customers and add the quality to the packaging.

  1. Use Bio Base Materials:

Bio-based materials are that material which is extracted from natural resources. Basically, these materials are environment friendly and cause less harm to the ecosystem. In the packaging industry, corrugated material is one of the bio-based material. The boxes made from corrugated material are heavy strength boxes usually used for transportation of products from one place to another. That’s why these boxes are chiefly used in e-commerce businesses.

  1. Must Be Designed To Support Transportation:

Your packaging is supposed to be more sustainable if it has the capacity to maximizing the ability of transportation. Efficient distribution packages should be used that are light in weight and cost saving. In e-commerce businesses mostly bulk packages require that are transported to the customer through shipments so these must fully utilize the shipping space in order to descend the cost of shipment.


  1. Use Recyclable Material:

Material selection is a crucial step in making your business of packaging more sustainable. So, your selection should be based on fully scientific research or a whole life-cycle approach. It is easy to manufacture recyclable material as it consumes less energy and water resources. In comparison with virgin materials, recyclable material produces less greenhouse gas emission. Although to use recyclable material is a cost-efficient decision.

  1. Packages Would Be Reusable:

High-quality packages must ensure it reusability in order to reduce the cost, efforts, energy or resources of making a new package. It also increases the useful life of the box and grants high return from resources. It also facilitates the need to get back or dispose of one-time use of packages.  

  1. The Material Must Be Degradable, Nontoxic And Ozone Friendly:

Nowadays peoples are concerned about the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions in which there is an excessive quantity of toxic material that would badly impact the environment and cause ozone depletion. So, to build a high level of trust about packaging boxes or containers in the customers it is mandatory to use degradable and nontoxic material for the production of such boxes.

  1. Try To Use Renewable Energy Sources For Production:

In this age of modernization, the most preferred energy resources are renewable resources such as solar energy. By using such energy resources the cost of production decrease to a minimal level. This would be beneficial for the manufacturers in producing boxes, packages and containers. Consequently, the reduction in cost provides a sustainable packaging solution.

  1. Compatible and Creative Designs:

Creativity and innovation is the most imminent chunk of designing a box for the packing. Because uniqueness and differentiation is the thing that makes your boxes out of ordinary and alluring. This would attract more and more customers and make your packing more sustainable.

  1. Use Material From Responsible Suppliers:

Material that is used for manufacturing boxes should be purchase from responsible suppliers as it is the most important thing in making the box. High-quality material ensures the high quality of the box. Although, make sure that the supplier from which you purchase material must be concerned about

eco friendly packaging

  1. Easily Available To Your Customers:

Sustainable packaging is that which is easily available to the customer. While on another hand this package must be easy to open for the customer, correctly labeled and of high quality. If your distributor fails to make your packages easily available to the customer it would badly affect business.

  1. Equip With Useful Information:

No doubt customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any business. So, many big brands especially food and cosmetic brands used to print useful information on the carton or boxes of the product like nestle juice and beverages used to print the list of ingredients on their juice boxes. The reason for this is to gain the trust of the customers. Put this useful information on the boxes and make them more preferable for the customers.

Sustainable Packaging as a Perfect Solution:

All the above mention steps are quite evident in proving that sustainable packaging solutions are most favored by the customers and also ensure the superb quality of the product. On the contrary, this solution enhances the useful life of the packages. Cost reduction by using several methods inclusively recycling, reusing, and reduction in wastage also aid the manufacturer to produce boxes with low cost. Moreover, it would help to earn more share from the market. Although, sustainable packaging solutions also facilitate to stand out of competition in the market by providing high-quality packaging products at affordable prices to the customer.

Eco-friendly packaging is that which is easily available to the customer. While on another hand this package must be easy to open for the customer, correctly labeled and of high quality.

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