What are the Common Type of Packaging Companies?

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The packaging is the basic and foremost need of the products to effectively promote and sell them in the market. Huge number of companies offering a wide range of products created a never-ending competition among the brands to come up with astonishing packing to attract customers. Custom product packing suppliers give control in the hands of the companies to fully customize their boxes in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent their product in the best way rather than packing items in boxes that share no similarity to the product or the brand.

While finding the best boxes for your products, a company faces a lot of challenges regarding the style, type, and quality of packing boxes but a competent company that provides you with all the boxing needs is the thing to consider the most. It is important to understand how different companies that provide packing for the products work so that you can know what to look for and where.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Company For Your Business?

There are a lot of factors that directly affect the business financially and also in creating a strong brand image in the market and one of them is the quality. It speaks for the company’s worth and tells how passionate they are when it comes to serving their customers and their needs.

There are two most common types of companies that offer customized packaging for product packing to the business who do not make their boxes.

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers

These two companies are the major source of product packing. They also serve all the needs that other types of companies offer.


How it works!

A manufacturer is someone who produces the product in-house. They have the set-up and the machinery to make custom boxes. Some manufacturers produce one type of boxes and some make custom packing boxes to order according to the customers’ demand.


Manufacturers who make custom packaging for the companies sell their products in different ways through;

  • In-house salesperson
  • Outside broker

The salesperson that works for the company is well aware and informed about the type of packing a company makes and sells.

Benefits of Buying Through Manufacturers

Like every other thing in the world, these companies come with their pros and cons.


  • The products brought directly from the manufacturers are sold at factory price that is cheaper than any other source available in the market.
  • There is no middle man or source that can cause problems like a misunderstanding of the order, the wrong type of products and adulteration.


  • Sometimes it happens that the company does not have a competent salesperson who is well informed about his/her job.
  • Less variety of packing boxes
  • The main purpose of these companies is to manufacture and they do not focus on customer services which can highly affect the product being purchased.
  • There is no middle man to facilitate the remaining paperwork, inventory and other needs. A company has to do deals all by themselves.


How it works!

A wholesale company is the one who works as a middleman between the retailers or the customers and the manufacturers. These dealers buy products in very large quantity from the manufacturers and sell them further.

The prices are a little higher than the manufacturing price because the wholesale dealer put their commission on the items for buying, storing, and reselling.


Wholesalers are the companies that target the potential audience to show them what they have to offer or most of the time customers look for the wholesalers that best suit their needs.

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Benefits of Buying In Wholesale

No doubt it is more beneficial to get your custom packing boxes from the wholesale dealers than any other source because of the advantages it provides to its customers.


  • Great price deals for merchandise
  • They have a wider range of products
  • Minimum shipping costs
  • Wholesaler deals with all the paperwork
  • Often provide inventory for the customers
  • Wide range of products


  • There is a chance of adulteration that is mixing of high and low-quality products that is hard to check and notice when bought in bulk
  • Spoilage
  • Black marketing
  • Mostly have no customized packing boxes

Packaging Design Companies

How it works!

Some companies provide all the packing needs with complete customization from scratch. They keep the customer and their needs as a priority. Most of the companies work online, where they interact with the customers, understand their needs, take the order according to the demand, do the leg work and provide the best product. They are the manufacturers who provide products in bulk.

Benefits of Custom Packaging Companies

It is the best choice for the companies who value their customer and are concerned with the image of their brand, quality of their products, effective promotion and advertising of the company and want to develop a professional image of the brand.


  • Choice of material
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Companies can design the appearance of their boxes in terms of colors, prints, patterns, company’s logo or name, and all the necessary details that are to be put on the boxes.
  • Sustainable and high-quality boxes
  • Free shipping
  • On-hand product delivery


  • Storage
  • Upfront

Choosing the right company for wholesale purchases can boost your business in no time. Custom packaging in USA has been bought form the companies that offer all the services under one roof as it eliminates the need of finding a new source at every step. To make an effective choice for your company’s benefit it is important to know about what you are going to get into in the first place.



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