Air Freight Cargo Containers

Air Freight Cargo Containers

Are you looking for top quality Air Freight Cargo Containers in the USA that can organize your air cargo while keeping product secure? PakBoxes is your most reliable supplier of Wholesale Air Shipping Containers that are designed from top quality durable cardstock materials. We provide all sizes of Air Freight Container products that are perfectly customized in their sizes, designs, dimensions, and printing to suit our client’s needs. The soft cores of our corrugated cardboard materials with their rigid non-bendable sheets will offer maximum security for air cargo products. Our superb quality corrugated cargo containers are also available at cheapest most affordable wholesale prices. We offer free shipping all over the USA with no die and plate charges on bulk orders starting from 100 boxes as well.

Durable Corrugated Materials for Air Freight Cargo Containers

Products of different kinds and types get transported from one place to the other via airplanes. Shipping and cargo businesses are always busy providing air-based shipping service for their clients. PakBoxes is your place to be when looking for the most durable and protective cargo containers made from high-end corrugated stocks. Our cardboard materials are not only sourced carefully but we process them in highly advanced equipment as well. The finished product has rigid non-bendable walls with very soft at their core materials that also have the modern air-cushion gaps in their various layers. All your cargo products will be able to last in one piece during their packaging, handling and shipping stages. You can also choose different thickness grades for your Air Shipping Containers as well. Here are; you will have the widest selection of material choices to choose from.

Exquisite Brand Logo or Design Printing for Cargo Containers

Although cargo containers are not displayed on shelves for product retail, yet these need high quality printing for brand logos or other designs. Freight companies today are always looking for most attractive and accurate printed designs for their containers. On a cargo flight, there may be many different companies boarding their cargo containers as well. Having best-printed brand logos will make your containers easily distinguishable as well. PakBoxes offers top quality printed designs and brand logos in the most beautifully finished options. You can always choose from one of the following to make your brand logos look and feel great:

  • Metallic finish gold/silver foil stamping
  • Raised ink printing in bright colors
  • Embossing or debossing for logos and designs
  • Beautiful regular printing in high definition colors

We Offer Free Delivery for Flat-Shipped Containers

PakBoxes is the most experienced and reliable packaging supplier in the USA. We have decades of experience that helps us identify all our client’s needs and requirements. Additional to our already very affordable wholesale prices, we also offer free shipping all over the country providing high value for money. Storing your bulk amounts of these large cargo containers when assembled can be a huge concern. To counter this, at, you will also get the option for Air Freight Cargo Containers that can also be shipped flat. These flat-shipped containers are processed on high tech folding and cutting equipment that make it very easy to assemble them into their required position. You will get compact and storage friendly containers that are just as good as any other ones you ever had.

All Sizes, Shapes, Designs and Surface Finish Options Available

When designing your perfect Air Shipping Containers, to have them in your required precise shapes and sizes is very important. You will need different sizes of containers for different packages you will be shipping. PakBoxes is a packaging expert in the US industry. We have state of the art cutting die equipment that enables us to provide containers in all designs, sizes, and dimensions. From small to the extra large, we cover all sizes. Additionally, we also provide many different options for custom surface finish laminations as well for our Air Freight Container products. You can make yours look and feel as good as you want to select from different options. Some of the best and most attractive surfaces finishes options that we provide, include:

  • Beautiful and elegant matte with a clean look
  • High gloss for a unique luxurious feel
  • Beautiful spot UV offering a unique experience
  • Regular corrugated cardstock finish for an industrial look.