What Quality of Material Are Companies Using in Custom Boxes?

Posted On: Feb-03-2020 what-quality-of-material-are-companies-using-in-custom-boxes

Custom boxes are made up of cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft paper most of the time for all kinds of packing because it is highly customizable. Customization allows companies to choose the material for the boxes, shapes, and designs that represent their brand. Cardboard is equally effective, like other alternative packing solutions when it comes to protection, quality, and durability. These boxes start from the lowest to the premium boxes like rigid boxes. To increase the appearance and worth of the packing boxes, laminations are done that increase the strength of the boxes and gives them a unique look.

Custom packaging has brought a revolutionary change in the packaging trends because it is free of any limitations and restrictions that used to be a barrier in creating amazing and captivating packing boxes. With the advancement in technology and printing or paper cutting methods the expectations from the packaging also increased like:

  • It must protect the products
  • Packing boxes must fit perfectly to the products
  • Helps in advertising of the product
  • Create a strong brand image
  • Reinforces the company name
  • Create distinctions among competitors
  • Keep the product safe during shipping

When buying custom boxes in the USA, people are often concerned about the appearance of the box, which alone does comes in good quality packing. Material that is used for the boxes contributes the most in determining the quality of the boxes. It is important to choose the type of material that is used and then decide the other multitudes of the styles and variations available in the market like:

  • Material used
  • Structure of the boxes
  • Custom printing
  • Finishes
  • Embellishments

These are the things that collectively determine the overall presentation of the boxes, but one thing that every two from three people fail to address is the quality of the material used to make the boxes.

It is the right of the customers to get the best quality material for their products as claimed by the companies, but most of the time, they do not get what they were promised. It is important to look closely at the type and grade of material that is used to make these boxes.

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Custom boxes wholesale use paperboard, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard for the manufacturing of the boxes. These cardboards further have four categories depending on the degrees of quality.

  • Low
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Luxury

Low and Standard Quality

Low and standard quality of paperboard is used by default by the manufacturing companies that provide every kind of boxes for the packing of the products. This grade of paper gives a normal quality to boxes which are perfect for the products that are concerned about containment and basic packing designs.

Companies use this grade of material for most of the products and will not use higher quality for the customers unless they ask and pay for it.

Premium Quality

Premium quality paperboard is thicker than the other grades of paper, more clear and refined, has a smooth surface free of any bumps and unwanted flecks, and blemishes. Its smooth surface makes foil stamping, embossing, and laminations easy and fine. The premium paper provides consistency in the color and prints every time. Premium quality boxes are costly than the folding boxes and the corrugated boxes.

Luxury Quality Paper

As the name suggests, luxury quality paper is the finest of them all. It is consistent, elegant, aesthetically diverse, most polished, and the finest paper on the Earth. This paper is widely used by companies that are conscious of the image of their brand and want to create a statement business. It is the most expensive and luxurious of all the other papers available in the market for the manufacturing of packing boxes for the products because for some people, or companies, the packaging is more than custom boxes with logo.

This paper is not for everyone because it leaves a decent margin on high price products but still when it comes to building an image and worth some companies and brands not only use luxury paper for their product boxes but other marketing collateral. It creates a promising image of the company in the market that people choose proudly and respect.

Custom boxes in the USA are more focused on the product and brand representation most sustainably and affordably possible. Premium quality custom product containers are the most reasonable choice for the companies that focus more on grabbing customer’s attention and selling their products. Premium paper is best if:

  • You care about the loyalty of the customers
  • Want to give a consistent look to the boxes
  • If you want people to have confidence in your product and the company
  • If you want to keep experimenting with your boxes

The majority of the problems that arise in packing are because of the inferior grade of material that is used for the boxes, and if you are producing premium quality or luxury quality products then, there is no other option than premium or luxury paper boxes. It is important to have packing boxes that complement your product and the company.



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