10 Things You Never thought to do with Cardboard Boxes

Posted On: Sep-12-2019 10-things-you-never-thought-to-do-with-cardboard-boxes

In the world of packaging, cardboard is the most common and popular packaging material and industry has been using it since forever. Cardboard packaging is an essential means of packaging. Every industry and business uses cardboard material to made packaging to pack different items and goods. The reason why this material is famous because it protects whatever is packed inside it. From small to large scale industries, cardboard boxes are used and hold extreme value.

Despite being one of the most robust and sturdy packaging materials, these boxes have so many exciting features. Firstly, probably the main advantage of having these boxes as a main source of packaging is they can keep any item and products away from damages and external influences. Secondly, cardboard is the most print-friendly material and you can apply pretty much any print technique to make them more appealing to customers. Lastly, but probably the most amazing out of all, cardboard material can be easily recycled. It means the negative impact all other packaging solutions having on our environment can be reduced by cardboard packaging.

10 Things You Never Thought to do with Cardboard Boxes

All these reasons mentioned above have made these boxes probably the best packaging solution out there. Not only this, custom cardboard boxes are reused to do exciting DIY projects, and this material can be molded and twisted into almost anything. Therefore, in this article, we’ve listed a few ideas you can use to make different items. If you want to learn what can you do with cardboard boxes, and then make sure to read till the end!

  1. Cardboard Gift Box

If you thought these boring and plain brown boxes are of no use apart from packing stuff, then we are here to change your mind. We discussed the amazing features above in this article that how these boxes can be molded into almost anything and they are print-friendly, right? It is the reason why most people think of DIY ideas to reuse these boxes.

So, to create a stunning gift box, you need to first get your hands on a few things, such as scissors, colors, tape, markers, decorative stuff, and of course a plain cardboard box. Just think of amazing ideas or watch any tutorial of how to create gift box out of cardboard, then you are good to surprise someone.

  1. Napkin Rings

You can create a set of these delightful dinner circles with a cardboard tube. All you need to do is to take any of the tubes and cut them into your desirable size and dimensions. After you have decided the size, wrap them with some plastic or foil material.

No no, we haven’t finished yet, making them look like a napkin rings, you need to have about one yard of a fabric with a great design. You can use both the fabric glue and double-sided tape to secure the fabric to the inside of the foil, and you have your dinner circles ready.

  1. Lanterns

Do you have a pile of boxes hanging around in your home? These amazing cardboard lanterns are the best way to transform waste into stunning home décor. These lanterns can add cozy glow into any space. To create them any cardboard box will do. You’ll need a large cardboard box, hot glue gun, tissue paper, box cutter, LED lights, straight metal edge, spray paint, and duct tape.

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  1. Shoe Storage

Are you having trouble managing your shoes? You do not have any shoe closet to keep all of them arranged? Then why to worry when you can create your own shoe storage. Get an empty cardboard box and recycle them. Cut down the base of the cardboard, and you’ll get a plain square piece. Join them to make a triangular box. Repeat this procedure several times and create as many pieces as you want. Join all of them together with the help of glue or tape.

  1. Child’s Play

If you have kids then you can create clever shape-sorter toys to help them polish their motor skills. To make it easier for them, paint different shapes into different colors so they can place right pieces into their places.

  1. Cardboard Kitchen

You can create bright and colorful kitchen set from cardboard. Grab some paints, empty cardboard boxes, and some other supplies.

  1. Ball Maze

As much as adults love Plinko, kids also love to play this DIY project. Kids love to drop things and watch things fall. To create ball maze at home you would need a lot of cardboard empty packaging, tubes, and roles.

  1. Pirate Ship

Step up in a crafting game and create this realistic pirate ship from scratch using huge and many cardboard packaging. You would need amazing painting skills to make it look more real.

  1. File Holder

Do not have one? Create your own. All you’ll need a few cardboard boxes, cut them from right places and place your files and papers into it.

  1. Wall Art

Blank canvas can be very expensive, but the top of shoeboxes are cheap. Coat shoe tops with primer and white paint and then paint them as you want. Your DIY wall art is ready!

Final Words

All the things mentioned above are extremely simple and easy to make at home. To clearly get how to create them, you can go and watch video tutorials on the internet.



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