Simple Cardboard Boxes or Corrugated Packaging Debate

Posted On: Oct-18-2019 simple-cardboard-boxes-or-corrugated-packaging-debate

We all are well aware of the fact that cardboard is the most widely used packaging material on the face of this planet. From packing cereals to packaging cosmetic items in it, they make sure that every product is packed, stored, and transported safely to its destination. However, since the introduction of corrugated cartons, packing more fragile things have become much easier and worry-free. There is just a slight difference between both of them that makes a huge difference. If you want to know which one is now the packaging manufacturer’s favoritre, then continue reading!

Cardboard Boxes

Whenever you hear the term ‘shipping box,’ what comes to your mind? Probably everyone recalls plain brown boxes and the material cardboard. Cardboard has always been the number one choice of packing all types of products, and it has been around for decades now. Today, almost every type of product comes packed in cardboard packaging – be it food items, cosmetic products, electronics, or any other stuff. Cardboard has made its way into every industry a long time ago. Today, over 80% of items are wrapped in different types of cardboard boxes, including paperboard and corrugated cardboard.

However, we cannot forget that the cardboard box we use regularly once used to be a not-so-humble tree. Then the whole process is required to turn the tree into the cardboard box. A cardboard box is made up of a flute, which is made up of recycled paper. It is then sandwiched between two liners. Depending on the production equipment, it can be manufactured in single or multiple layers. Typically, the packaging materials are divided into three main categories paperboard, paper, and cardboard. All of them are used for different purposes according to packaging requirements.

Today, brands have started to use custom cardboard boxes to present and promote their products. The best thing about cardboard is that it allows manufacturers to be as creative as they want to be. These boxes are customized in a way that they help in attracting customers and generating more sales. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that cardboard packaging is the backbone of the packaging industry. Here are some benefits of using cardboard as a packaging solution.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard is an extremely flexible material. It can be cut, glued, and tape as you want plus packaging manufacturers can customize it in almost every size and shape, which makes them the perfect choice to be used product packaging.


Cardboard box is used as a shipping box because they are lightweight, easy to handle, and convenient to transport as well. Being lightweight, they reduce the shipping cost that is why brands prefer them.


Another reason to choose cardboard is it offers complete safety to whatever is packed inside and prevents items from banging around.

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As compared to plastic packaging, cardboard is much cheaper, which is another reason for businesses to use it as a packaging solution.


Most cardboards are recyclable, such as tubes, boxes, plates, fiberboard, and paperboard. However, contaminated cardboard with grease and oils cannot be recycled well into high-quality cardboard.

Corrugated Boxes

Many people use the word ‘cardboard’ for all types of packaging made from paper material. However, professionals know the exact difference between different types of packaging. Corrugated is also sometimes referred to as cardboard, which is again are not the same. As compared to cardboard, corrugated packaging is much stronger. It doesn’t mean that the cardboard is not strong, it is, but the corrugated box is much stronger. The main difference between both of them lies in the layers of paper.

Corrugated boxes are made from three layers of paper that are inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting that is sandwiched between both layers. The manufacturing of these boxes made them much stronger than cardboard. Those products that require a little extra care and protection are packed in corrugated boxes. In fact, today, for the packaging industry, the most effective material used, are corrugated cartons.

Many brands are incorporating corrugated packaging as their packaging solution along with cardboard, of course. For companies that sent out fragile packaging regularly, it is important to choose the right shipping packaging materials to ensure product safety and to certify they reach their destination in impeccable condition. To enhance the maximum security of the fragile items, the corrugated cartons are sealed with water-activated tape (WAT). Here are a few benefits of using corrugated cartons.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes

Maximum Protection

As compared to your average cardboard boxes, corrugated cartons are way stronger. With them, you don’t want to worry about if the products will reach their destination or not as corrugated material provides a stable cushion to them.

Easy to Customize

Just like cardboard, corrugated material is extremely easy to customize as well. Brands can have their packaging tailor-make according to their product and business requirement.


Corrugated cartons are one of the most economical packaging solutions out there. Plus, they don’t require any expensive tools and high labor to manufacture boxes.


Apart from being extra secure, customizable, and in-expensive, corrugated cardboard is very easy to recycle.

Final Thoughts

Many people confuse cardboard with corrugated because they look almost the same. As described in this article, both are quite different from each other. Many argue that corrugated boxes are way stronger and durable than regular cardboard packaging, and we agree on that. Packaging manufacturers believe that too. However, it is important to know that both are being used on a large scale for manufacturing boxes, depending on how much durability a product requires.



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