Complete Black Friday Sales Strategy Guide

Posted On: Dec-24-2019 complete-black-friday-sales-strategy-guide

The shopping time after thanksgiving on the 4th Tuesday of the month of November is commonly known as Black Friday. It is the most important time in the year for retailers as the sales may rise so high that they can spend the remaining year in the black. According to statistics from last year Black Friday Sales, only American consumers spent around 14 billion US dollars on shopping at this event. The retailers always have to work hard to cope with the demand, about 175 million people visit these sales on average, and everything is important, from packing the items in beautiful containers to organizing the inventory it requires a lot of work and proper strategy is needed.

This is one of the biggest sale times at the end of the year just after thanksgiving. With the holiday season and the advent of Christmas, the demand is always rising. Consumers wait for this event the whole year and are always expecting more from the retailer. This time is also important for E-commerce as more consumers are leaned towards online shopping for their convenience. The sales boom both at online and physical stores and businesses open as early as 5 A.M at this time for getting higher sales. Black Friday sales also have importance due to the range of discounts on every sort of item, from electronics to toys and fashion accessories; consumers can get the best prices on their desired items.

With a lot going, the retailers always need an effective strategy and plan to make pace with the consumer needs. They also have to be extra aware as this period in the year is also effective for promotional activities for brands. Brands can market themselves to the consumers for getting optimal feedback and making a position in the market. The use of Packaging at this time of year matters a lot as you can market your business in a dynamic way along with the safe shipping of the products. Here is a complete guide for it, which you can follow to get the best possible impression from consumers.

Prepare Early

This sale time is sheer in the scale and can put a strain on your business in the worst way if you do not start your preparations early. Many big brands start preparing for this event as early as July for getting the optimal level of sales. From marketing to advertising and ordering your special Kraft boxes for shipping, all stages are important for enhancing your brand exposure in the market.

Always start your planning early as the number of consumers is massive, and planning and researching for your needs can help you in better management at the main time of the event and can help you save your precious time and money.

Manage the Inventory

After you have completed your planning, it’s time for having a look at your archives. The management of your inventory is also an important factor while preparing for better performance on the Friday sale. Keeping your inventory up to date with all essential products can help you in the wholesale distribution of commodities and keeping a better record of your sales. It can also help you in meeting the demand on time as you will omit the risk of falling short for specific items at the time of the main event. The research and planning process can help you estimate the required range of your inventory and also access the need for products on the upcoming time of Christmas sales.

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Prevent Transit Damage

There is no doubt that the online mediums are new consumer markets as the online presence of a business is important than ever before. The consumers are now leaned towards online shopping than going to the physical stores because of the fact that this process provides an extra level of convenience. Online shopping can be beneficial for your business and also dangerous for it both at a time. The shipping process is highly associated with the risk of damage due to mishandling.

It is the responsibility of your business to make use of better packing solutions that can keep the shipped product safe while process. You can simply Boost Sales with Packaging by making use of durable boxes that can protect and cushion the product while shipping in the best way possible.

Retain the Consumers

Keeping consumers bound with your brand is the most important part of the business. This process helps to boom the future sales by your brand as consumers always want what they desire from the market; adding into their satisfaction can help you in enhancing the brand image of your business in their minds.

No one wants a damaged product to be delivered on their doorsteps. It can result in the loss of trust by them for a brand, and they will never want to shop from that business again. The feel of a damaged item shipped is one of the long-lasting, that’s why it is the most important point to be considered by a business. You can make use of Custom Boxes, which can protect the product in a better way while shipping, and in this way, you can increase the chance of retaining the consumers with your brand.

Add into their Experience

Shipping an undamaged product is not enough for the consumers; it is just one step of keeping them with your business. Consumerism is growing stronger day by day; your packing design should also be in a sense which can add to their experience with your brand. The use of custom packing with enhanced functionality can help you as Custom Boxes, and Black Friday is the best match for an effective promotion for your brand.



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