How Spot UV Helpful in Taking Product Sales to Next Level?

Posted On: Dec-18-2019 how-spot-uv-helpful-in-taking-product-sales-to-next-level

What is UV coating? This is the question that arises in the minds of a lot of people. Some confuse it with the protective layer that safeguards printing from harmful ultraviolet rays. No, it is not that.

In UV coating, sunrays help, not damage the surface. It is a technique in which a surface is exposed to sunlight to let the coating dry. It is a strong coating that is applied on a printed surface and then exposed to the sunlight. The sunlight works and the coating is dried.

The word spot in the name refers to the kind of usage it has. It is used to treat spots that you want to be highlighted. For example, if you are making a brochure and want certain parts of the ink to pop up, you will use this spot treatment.

Moreover, sometimes no ink is needed. You only require the spot UV technique to create the design. Since its basic purpose is designing, you can use it on its own. It is proven that when you apply it on a darker surface, it gives the best results. The contrast it generates in this way cannot be produced by any ink. One of the best combinations is to use it with a black surface.

This technique can have a great impact on your Product Packaging. Your sales can see a big surge if it is used properly. There are many ways in which it can drive your sales towards better numbers.

Attractive Shopping

Countless studies have now established the significance of packaging in making a higher number of sales. There is a term borrowed from the fashion industry that explains the situation: shopper stopper. Shopper stopper is a product that truly stands out from the mix and gains huge customer attention.

Attention is the backbone of the sales industry. As they say, if you are not getting any attention, you are not making any sales. This is especially true for modern products since their success is not just based on their quality. There is often and interlink between quality and packaging.

People tend to think that the premium casing means a premium product. While it might not be true on a purely factual basis but it is true in a perceptional sense.

All your brand needs to do it to create a positive perception using Spot UV Packaging and the results will be there to see. But it does not mean that you start selling crappy products. The importance of quality is still there. But the significance of packaging has multiplied today.

Customers want to see beauty when they are in stores. Their spending tendency is higher than usual. Their instincts are the play and are constantly prodding them to spend their money. In this scenario, what should a brand do?

The brand needs to provide them with visual relaxation including ingenuity and customers will fall for its Custom Boxes with Spot UV. It is not an easy trick by any means but the ones that pull this off are the winners of marketing.

There are different visual aspects of the Spot UV that need to be mentioned. One is its combination with different inks. After you are finished with the printing, you can use this coating and put it under the sun for drying. Once the layer is dried, you can use it. Enhancements of the printed materials can be done using this coating.

If certain sections of your item need highlighting, you can do it with High Gloss Spot UV for making the surface shinier and brighter. But it is not necessary to use it with inks. It can be used separately without any other material. The best contrast is made when it is used on a dark black surface. Contrast is crucial in marketing since it looks beautiful when store lights hit it.

Budget-Friendly Product Packaging

Surely you do not want to spend all of your revenues on packaging or advertisements. And that is not a bad thing at all. It is a great strategy for saving a lot of your hard-earned cash. What you need to do is to find a medium that assists you in this endeavor of going frugal with your spending.

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If you are thinking about using Spot UV, you are on the right track. Other methods such as embossing and debossing have much higher rates and are not as accurate too. Even foil stamping cost more than this.

You can imagine how many popular techniques it is beating and how it stands out in terms of costs. A lot of brands are still missing out on it since they go for other methods. But if you want to save money and get the quality too, go for Branded Packaging.

Affects Human Instincts

The shine generated by this coating is incredible. It is one of the best materials when it comes to making your Packaging Design or advertisement glow. Psychological studies have concluded that humans are attracted to shiny objects. No wonder, then, people love diamonds. MRI scans have shown increased brain activity when people are exposed to shiny things. This makes the case clear for your packaging. Make it shiny by using Ultraviolet coating and get the rewards.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of using this coating for your advertisements as well as packaging if you follow Spot UV Packaging Tips. There is no other decorative material that can compete with it in the area of price. Similarly, regarding quality, the thing is simply outstanding with the shine and contrast that it offers us. There is no doubt that it is the best material today to coat your casings and promotional materials.



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