10 Ways to Boost Your Product Marketing For This Holiday

Posted On: Dec-16-2019 10-ways-to-boost-your-product-marketing-for-this-holiday

Product marketing is the process of promoting or selling a product to a customer. Also, it is defined as a mediator function between the development of the product and increasing the awareness of a brand. It deals with the marketing of the products to the customers and others according to the forecast. It can be done in different ways such as social media marketing, marketing communications, online marketing and advertisement of the product with custom boxes. In short, the main focus of product marketing is on introducing the new product to the universal public. It also focuses on a small statement: the product type, needs of customer and type of customer. Moreover, it can also be done on different occasions like holidays or events.

How to Boost Your Product Marketing For Holiday 2019

The best 10 ways to boost your marketing for holidays are enlisted below:

Determine the Type of Discount You Want To Offer

The first task of boosting product marketing is to determine the type of discount that the brand is offering to its clients. The offer should be prominent to the customer that everyone can easily see it. For example, the brand is doing the marketing for holidays, then it can use holiday special packaging as an offer to their clients. This statement will inform the clients about the deal duration of the product. As everyone knows the Christmas holiday is coming, so it will be a clear and understandable message.

Provide Gift Suggestions

It is only getting more excited from now until the holiday. So, making things easier for consumers will be a perfect decision to enhance the sale. Offer the best gift ideas and mention the quick buy button on the mail, so the client directly buys the product from the store. Or prepare products in Christmas boxes packing. It will not only attract the costumers but also forced their minds to buy it. Packaging with greetings will also be a good idea for the gift suggestions.

Say Thank You Ahead Of Time

Stand and say thank you to your clients by sending them seasonal bookmarks. It will appreciate the client. And also, the client will keep in mind about the product during the shopping for their family and friends. Here mentioning the gift packaging during the Christmas holiday will also provide a great advantage to the product. So, don’t wait until the holiday and start sending messages as soon as possible for the advertisement of the product with the thanksgiving notes.

Tap Into Nostalgia

The holidays are surrounded by several memories of childhood or magic times. These memories remind us of the beautiful time of the past. So, designing the celebration campaign with tap into holiday nostalgia will be the best option. Use of black and white pictures, old-style fonts, and the sentimental pictures from time that is gone by will provide a great advantage in the boosting of the product. Nostalgia will guide the overall campaign of the item. The popular brand mostly uses these criteria for the building of a better future for themselves.

Focus On Customer Loyalty

The sales of the item depend on the customers. However, the main task of marketing is to attract new clients. But repeat customers are responsible for the 40% sales of the product. So, it is very important to keep them connected.

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Take the opportunity and offer a special gift to permanent clients or offering a reasonable discount. Offers can be sent through the mails according to the events. This strategy will gather your permanent consumer’s attention and show them that you care about them.

Make the Most of Mobile

Mobile marketing is increasing day by day from the past few years for e-commerce. Over 17 billion dollars of sales were made by these criteria in the 2016 holiday season and it increased to 35 billion dollars in 2017. So, it will be a good act to do a campaign about the product with mobile. Sending messages to the clients will inform the clients about your deals and packages on the upcoming events. As a result, it will cause profit in the sales of the stock.

Offer Free Delivery

If the product is available online for sale, then free shipping is the best special offer to the clients. Moreover, it is essential during the holiday season to get a huge amount of sales. Offer this to all the customers. And make sure that the consumer knows about it. Feature it on the marketing emails and make sure that is prominent and is visible on the store to the viewers. But if it is not an online store than mention it on the pamphlets and other marketing methods like flyers.

Go Large On Holiday Spirit

Customers do not do the shopping for a gift. In short, they also want a huge amount of spirit as well. Giving them what they want will be better for the sales on vacations. Update all the displays, homepage, and landing pages with plenty of offers. Or mention a limited-edition package for the clients on vacation.

Switch To Social Media Channels

Everyone is using social media channels. Social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook is very useful. As millions of users are using these networks. Choose the platform that fits according to your needs and requirements. And deliver the messages to the consumers. So, the consumer knows every single detail about the new packages.

Turn Into Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the rising marketing ways nowadays. It will not only commercialize the product but also market the brand. Clients love to see videos of their favorite brands. This will also holiday season, show the consumers in the video, the best product and guide them about the packages that are available during the holiday season. Further, a funny video will also attract the consumer about the product.



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