Guide to Understand Different Type of Product Packaging

Posted On: Sep-18-2019 guide-to-understand-different-type-of-product-packaging

It does not matter which type of product is under consideration, its proper packing and presentation are a necessity. The packaging is considered as the soul of any retail business. That is why different types of product boxes are utilized for the purpose of packing. These containers are prepared according to the type of items that are going to be placed inside them. They give a variety of options in terms of the use of forming material and the application of numerous designs. They are cheap in cost and are available in almost all the shapes and sizes so that they become suitable to accommodate any type of item. A number of inserts and cushioning materials can also be added to them in order to provide extra protection to the objects.

What are the Most Common Product Packaging Types?

Cardboard Coverings:

Cardboard is the most frequently utilized material for the packing of a diverse range of objects due to the exceptional qualities of this substance. It is naturally composed of a number of different layers that are responsible for greater thickness as compared to other substances. When the packing is performed by using this substance, the security and safety of the items are guaranteed. Other than that, it can be modified into any required shape and size to make them the best for different types of objects They are naturally brown in color but can be shaded into any required theme by using high tech technologies. Moreover, they can also be modified according to the demands of the customers by using modern technologies. This sort of custom boxes packaging is highly liked by the clients as they will be receiving their required items in the containers of their own choice.

A number of designs can be applied to them in order to make them look pleasing to the target audience. Although their surface is extremely hard and tough, it can be cut down with the help of a sharp knife or a proper cutter to get a die-cut design. A hollow portion is obtained after cutting that is covered by pasting a transparent sheet of plastic. The display value of the objects is enhanced to a great extent by the application of this style. The packing prepared from this material can be used for a diverse range of items but it is most commonly utilized for such objects that are sensitive and fragile in nature and might be damaged during storage, transportation or general usage. For example, electronic goods are typically packed and transported to short as well as long distances by using these covers.

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Kraft Packing:

Most of the items are vulnerable to damage to their physical structures, but some stuff is also threatened to lose its chemical integration due to dirt, dust or pollution in the surrounding environment. That is why it is necessary to protect the items externally as well as internally. Various types of food items fall under this category. Their safety is of utmost significance as the consumption of contaminated food will directly affect the health of the consumers in a negative manner. Hence, Kraft packaging can be utilized in this case. Kraft is regarded as the most ecofriendly, bio-friendly and user-friendly substance. It is made up of biodegradable components and is a hundred percent recyclable. It does not possess any sort of threat to the surrounding atmosphere. Hence, when the edibles are in contact with the walls of the containers, their composition would not be affected in any negative manner whatsoever.

Paper Board:

Another major type of product packaging is the use of the paper board. This provides the manufacturer with the benefit that they can be easily molded into the desired patterns as compared to other substances due to lesser thickness. This type of packaging is typically utilized in the formation of taking away product boxes especially in USA. They are prepared by folding the paper in a specific manner. Various types of inserts like bubble wraps, tissue papers, etc. can be added in order to secure the objects placed inside them. A handle or gable can also be attached at the upper end so it becomes easy to be carried from one place to the other. This type of packing is commonly used for different types of gifts as the paper is most colorful and creative designs are drawn on it.

Plastic Wrappers:

Although the display value of the items is of great significance, yet their security cannot be compromised for the sake of amplifying its beauty. Therefore, most of the products are initially packed in plastic wrappers. These wrappers are usually transparent and are easily available in the markets at an extremely affordable price. Most of the product box USA is done by using these wrappers. They can be used for apparel, food items, cosmetics etc. It is because they are available in numerous sizes to accommodate any type of item. After covering the objects with these covers, they are placed in a bigger container to ensure protection and security.

Sum Up:

After examining various types of packing of items, it can easily be understood that every product has different needs and requirements and it must be packed accordingly. The latest technologies have enabled the manufacturers to utilize different types of materials, apply various designs and prepare the containers in the exact dimensions so that the packing would be intact. When the right type of covering is utilized, the customers are highly fascinated and inspired by it and they would be tempted to purchase such items that are packed in an elegant as well as in a safe encasement.



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