Get Ready to Create an Easter Marketing Campaign with Custom Printed Boxes

Posted On: Apr 21, 2019 Easter Marketing Campaign

Have you prepared your brand’s marketing campaign for Easter?

Easter is landing on 21st April 2019 so, get yourself ready for it. Few days are left behind to plan and implement an Easter marketing campaign for your brand. As we all know that holidays are the best marketing opportunity for businesses. Therefore, retail stores have already made preparations to make feel their customers special this holiday season with custom cardboard packaging. In the same way, food and beverage businesses have already included the flavor of the holiday to their special products.

Easter is not just a random holiday but a traditional and religious one. While talking about Easter in 2019, we should be aware of updated trends. Marketing strategies always evolve with growing trends. Previously Easter was known as a retail holiday, but with the change in time, today is the era of online shopping. So, our marketing strategies should also be evolved accordingly.

Now the questions arise again, have you prepared your effective marketing campaign for Easter? Will, that fulfill the expectations and drives the required results for this season?


A competitive marketing strategy varies from time to time. Because every season you’ve diverse tools that may yield entirely different results. Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, these holidays are awesome to grab consumer’s attention. You definitely wanted to reach the audiences at their doorstep before your competitor will. So, it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. If you don’t have any made your plan, don’t worry we are here for you with different Easter marketing campaigns.

Easter Marketing Campaign to Deliberate

Here are different campaigns outlined to ensure a result-oriented holiday season for your brand.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Easter Special Offers
  • Social Media Contest
  • Custom Printed Boxes

Re-connect to Your Existing Customers with Email


Email is one of the most important oldest marketing assets. None of the brands may overlook it. Whether you have finalized your sale or looking for it, getting into the customer’s inbox always benefits your business. Leaving a message to customer’s inboxes is an initial step of the conversation. While in the holiday seasons, sending seasonal messages and premium offers is one of the best approaches.

While preparing an email campaign to keep the marketing rules in your mind i.e. stay simple and creative. Moreover, you may appeal to the customers visually and that could also be a showcase of your products. So, design a creative, personalize and interesting Easter message for your customers. One of the most effective email marketing approaches is a drip campaign, you may utilize it to boost your holiday sales.

Time for Promotions and Seasonal Offers

Special occasions and holidays are the opportunity to boost your business sales. So, this is a time to tailor a strong promotion and treat your customers with seasonal offers. Get benefit of it and vibrate your customers with product promotions and special offers. It motivates them and you’ll be able to boost up your revenue.

Furthermore, promotion and sales on such occasions are also effective for brand awareness. Although Easter is not as big as Christmas it reserves importance in society. So, craft your promotional campaign and meet the right audiences at the right time. Also, share promo codes and offers to existing customers through email to keep them update.


Get Yourself Socially Involved

Today the importance of social media couldn’t be ignored especially in branding and marketing. People on social platforms feel excited about the holiday season. They especially use hashtags and share their excitement. Being a marketer, get into them. Get yourself involve by updating business profile picture, cover images and creating a contest, etc.

You may create a social media campaign separately with Easter hashtags. Also don’t forget to surprise your audience with special offers, surprises and special gift boxes. It will automatically encourage your customers to respond and share your offers on social media. Your online appearance will be acknowledged that drive real-time sales.

Share Easter Greetings with Custom Printed Boxes


Customize packaging reserves its own importance for brands as well as valued customers. Custom printed boxes automatically boosted customer’s interaction with the product. Don’t forget that

"Good Packaging Protects your Product, Swebrand Packaging Protects your Brand"

On special occasions get advantage from custom packaging and let the customers interact with your product in a new way. Custom box packaging for Easter is the right way to capture your customer’s attention and stand out from the competition.

Designing special packaging for your products isn’t crucial. Follow the steps and get it done.

  • Let's have a Chat with Our Sales Representative
  • Share your Product & Niche Details
  • Share your Design Idea
  • Get Especially Customized Offer
  • Check & Approve Final Design
  • Get it at your Doorstep


Let me assure you if you’re using an aerosolized packaging tactic, customers gonna love your product this Easter.

No matter which Easter Marketing Campaign idea you’re going to adopt for your brand, just ensure to make it attractive and creative. Don’t craft messy messages but make inspirational and eye-catchy to your customers. Usually, customers seek around for discounts and promotions at the last minute, don’t let them go. Stay visible and stay connected to your customers.



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