Advancement in Packaging has Introduced E Cigarette Boxes

Posted On: Sep-24-2019 advancement-in-packaging-has-introduced-e-cigarette-boxes

Although electronic cigarettes are in the market for a long time now their packaging had not been evolved for a considerable time. The recent advancement in the packaging industry has made it possible for the tobacco processing units to get e cigarette boxes that cater to their needs in a perfect way. These casings are becoming popular among tobacco processers for several reasons. Objectivity, design and printing customization, and cost-effectiveness are some of the major reasons that these casings are popular among them. There are several other reasons as well that make them the first choice of the tobacco companies. The following article will discuss in detail the benefits and scope of these casings that the manufacturers and customers can get.

Eco-friendly Packages

Since electronic smoking is known for being environment-friendly, their packaging should also be the same. What would be the benefit of the smoke if its casing is causing pollution? This is where the e-cigarette box packaging eases the problem of the tobacco producers. These casings are made with 100 percent organic material that does not leave any harmful impact on the natural environment. The material that is used for the manufacturing of these cartons is chosen considering the international 3Rs standard of packaging. This standard defines that an ideal, eco-friendly package is the one that can easily be recycled, reused, and reduced. In this way, environmental pollution can be reduced to a minimum level with the help of e cigarettes packaging.

Cost-effective Packages

Another reason of popularity of E Cigarette Boxes in USA is their cost-effectiveness. Since the material that is used for the manufacturing of these casings is 100 percent recyclable, their production cost becomes lower. In this way, the manufacturers get their desired e-cig packaging design for their products at an affordable price. Ultimately, the end-users get the products at cheap price. In this way, the profit ratio of the manufacturers and retailers gets high and their product also gets popularity among the potential customers.

Objective Designs of the Package

The manufacturers and retailers often receive complaints from the customers about the design of the casing. The most commonly received complaints are about the leakage of the liquid and child safety. To cater to this requirement of the customers, the e-cigarette liquids packaging is designed exclusively that keep the refill liquid safe from spilling around and also keep the clothes and table of the customers neat and clean. Similarly, the child-resistant packaging e-cigarettes is designed to keep the cigarettes and liquid protected from the kids and keep them away from it. They have special locks in them that the kids cannot open and in this way, they are kept away from it. Other than locks, the shape of the casing is designed in a way that it requires special technique to open.

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Customize to Add Value

The customization opportunities that can be availed for the electronic cigarette packaging have made it possible for the tobacco dealers to make the box more attractive, presentable, and stand out. These customizations are a result of the advancement in the packaging sector. The packaging manufacturing companies allow these customizations to their customers. They can use these options to make the casing according to their choice.

Customization of the casing can be divided into two categories; size and shape customization, and printing and finishing customization.

Size and Shape: The customers can choose the shape and size of the casing according to their choice. It gives them the freedom to choose different shapes and sizes for their different products. In this way, each one of their products can be recognized by the customers easily.

Printing and Finishing: The printing and finishing customization options allow the customers to get their personalized design printed on the casing. They can get their brand name, logo, product description, and any other information that is useful for the customers printed on these E Cigarette Boxes. This will make it easier for the customers to choose their desired brand without any hassle. The finishing option is something that adds more value to the package. It makes it safer and at the same time prettier. Usually, a transparent or tinted vinyl sheet is used for finishing purposes but there are other options as well. These options include gold, silver, and copper foiling and lamination as well.

Final Thoughts

The advancement in the packaging industry has made it possible for the tobacco dealers to get the casings of electronic ciggy according to the desires of their customers. They can avail as many customization opportunities as they want and make these casings as much beautiful, safe, and secure as well.



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