5 Clever Tips for Vape Packaging

Posted On: Aug-18-2019 5-clever-tips-for-vape-packaging

Vaping is one of the most trending habits in people of almost all age groups. This is a modified and innovative form of smoking. It includes an electronic device that operates with the help of batteries. Different types of flavors or herbs are added into this device in an extremely refined form that enables the user to vape them. This habit is transforming in the form of a trending fashion in society, especially among the circles of the young generation. A number of different companies or brands are introducing this device in specialized vape packaging in order to attract the attention of the customers and make their products stand out in the crowd as described below.

Top Vape Packaging Hacks

Slider Containers:

The slider containers are greatly in use these days for the packing of a number of products. These types of containers can efficiently be utilized as a vaping packaging box. It consists of two parallel layers which are able to slide across each other. They are usually manufactured by using cardboard. That is why they are extremely strong and sturdy and have the ability to endure its original forms even after accidental falls from a considerable height. Mostly the product is placed in the lower layer. This layer has a depression, which is exactly the size of the item itself, and thus, the packing remains intact. The item is obtained by hands after pushing or pulling the lower layer because the container is designed in such a manner that it can be availed from both sides. Other than that, when the case is pulled, then a crunchy sound of the sliding of the cardboard is created that is instrumental in amusing the users and impress upon them.

Flip-top Cases:

In the early days, cigarettes used for the purposes of smoking contained a large amount of nicotine or any other addictive substance. It used to create a number of health issues and hazards not only for smokers but also for the surrounding persons. These kinds of cigarettes have been replaced by electronic cigars. These cigars are considered less harmful to the health of individuals than the orthodox ones. But, in order to make them acceptable to the consumers, a clever strategy can be implemented. They can be placed in the same type of containers as utilized for traditional cigarettes. The orthodox cigars were packed by using a flip-top style encasement. It has an opening at the upper end, which used to be opened and closed by flipping with fingers. This was an extremely popular style of the coverings of the smoking items. These days, a similar sort of container can be used for the vape packaging USA, so that the smokers might get a resemblance and remembrance of their good old days.

Tuck End Containers:

One thing that has not been changed in the use of ancient cigarettes, as well as the electronic cigars, is that they are carried from one place to the other. Smokers develop a habit to consume them after a specific interval of time. So, they are always looking for such containers that enable the users to transport them with great ease in an effortless manner. The tuck end containers might be the best choice in this regard. As the name indicates, their ends are tucked towards each other. They are light in weight and small in size, so they become extremely convenient to take at various places, including homes, offices, colleges, road trips, etc. by putting them in pockets. Other than this, due to their lightweight material, they can easily be modified according to the will and desires of the customers. The custom vape packaging becomes more acceptable and pleasing to the eyes of the customers.

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Window Encasements:

It is quite natural that most of the people are curious about the type of product packed inside the containers. Their curiosity can be satisfied by the use of such encasements that have one or more windows on their surface. This is also popularly known as a die-cut design. It can be made at home or at the manufacturing companies by using modern and high tech technologies. It is done by cutting a specific portion of the container by using a paper cutter, After this, the part which is torn is covered with the help of a transparent laminated sheet and fixed by using a fixing glue, binding tape or any other sticky material. But it must be taken care of that the adhesive processes are implemented on the inner side of the container so that it is ensured that no scratch or stain is left on the outer display.

Use Colorful Prints:

It is the dire need and demand of the hour that the items must be presented in an elegant and lovely manner so that they might be able to make a positive stand in the competition among the rival brands or organizations. In the case of the vape packaging, this can be done by implementing various colorful graphics and texts by using the latest printing technologies. Different types of bright images and visuals can be added to make the product more acceptable to the target audience. Similarly, short and catchy lines, name of the brand, description of the product, etc. can also be written on them to make them pleasing to the eye and exhibit a creative and artistic approach in terms of the packing of this frequently consumed item.



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