6 Packaging Innovations to Support Brand Image

Posted On: Oct-08-2019 6-packaging-innovations-to-support-brand-image

The packaging industry has really come up with innovative packaging solutions. Over the years, we have witnessed some major trends and changes in the product packaging. With so many lightweight and eco-friendly options available, still, there are so many brands that are packing their products in heavy boxes. Such brands need to understand that if they want to attract their customers and support their brand image, they need to incorporate the latest packaging trends and innovations. If you are here to know what is in the packaging world right now, then you have come to the right place. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned a few packaging innovations that can support your brand’s image. To learn about them, be sure to read this article till the end!

1. Simplicity and Minimalism

Simplicity doesn’t seem to go away and for all good reasons. In this complex world, customers lean more towards packaging that convey simplicity and minimalism. Complicated packaging structures and overdone designs are taking over the chances of doing sales and business. Today, more and more brands prefer to pack and promote their products in simpler packaging than the one which is hard to understand. With minimalistic packaging design, everything that is not essential to mention on the packaging is stripped away, and the main substance is exposed to the audience. This idea of exposing core essence of product is challenging but equally rewarding. If you are looking for an idea, then this can be the one if you want to convey your brand’s message in the simplest yet effective way.

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2. Vintage Inspired Packaging

The vintage-inspired packaging design has created a buzz everywhere and seem to be trending more than ever. The retro aspect of the packaging design looks good for packing soap, food, and drink. In 2019, we have experienced the return of the old designs, which have become a new trend, and packaging is no exception. Probably the best thing about the vintage-inspired packaging is that it conveys authenticity, which customers look for in any packaging. The retro idea is reflected in the appearance and the feel of the packaging. Returning to the foundation of the packaging design is timeless and classic, which never go out of style.

3. Connection with Brands

Historically, brands have marketed their products via controlled and highly arranged marketing campaigns. However, today, customers carry out the most effective and successful marketing campaigns through various social media platforms. For brands, it has become imperative that they identify how they should portray their brand on the social media channels. One of the main focus of brands is what issue they should focus in order to target their audience. All these effort, help in developing the integrity for the brand. It has become so effective that all the brands have chosen social media platforms to connect with their targeted customers. However, it is important that logo on the box is aligned with the main cause. Bringing customers and brands close via social channels is one great strategy.

4. Convenient Packaging

Today, new innovations and packaging solutions are available to the packaging industry, and all the brands should incorporate these solutions in order to bring ease and convenience to customers. It is not impossible to create lightweight packaging that is also sturdy. New packaging solutions totally allow brands to do that. Customers of today don’t want their packaging to be hard to open, instead they look for packaging that brings convenient and delightful user experience. Therefore, brands should optimize their cardboard packaging for special occasions too. Moreover, they should improve the user’s experience by making packaging that is easy to recycle and reuse as well.

5. Bright Gradients

There is no denying that gradients always catch the attention of designers, packaging manufacturers, and customers. They will keep fascinating everyone. Gradients are the best way to create packaging by blending colors which feels fresh as well. Not only do gradients deliver depth, but they also look unique and revitalizing. The biggest players in the world, such as Microsoft and Apple embraced gradients back in 2016. However, it really gained popularity in 2019. Today, it has become the essential element for bringing depth, colors, and dimension into any design and composition. Throughout this year, we’ve witnessed colorful, luminous, and even neon gradients everywhere, and we are expected to experience an upsurge in this trend in the upcoming year as well.

6. Plastic-Free Packaging

The trend and innovation in the packaging industry we all have been waiting for is finally here! Going plastic-free is a growing trend that should be incorporated by everyone. The packaging waste is real issue and everyone is responsible for resolving this issue. In this regard, the packaging industry and science have started to come up with more advanced packaging solutions. Today, we are seeing better alternatives to plastic packaging. The perfect example has to be the collaboration between Ecologic brands and L’Oreal with their product Seed Phytonutrients. The product made for shower use is packed in a recycled, recyclable, and compostable paper-based pump bottle.

Final Thoughts

Over the years, product packaging has emerged so much. Today, it will not be wrong to say that there are more packaging solutions than there are products. With technological advancements, innovation in the packaging has allowed brands to create a positive and strong image in the marketplace through their custom boxes. Custom printed boxes allowed them to promote their brands and support its image in the most effective way possible.



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