7 Thoughtful Gift Boxes Ideas for Christmas 2019

Posted On: Dec-14-2019 7-thoughtful-gift-boxes-ideas-for-christmas-2019

So, Christmas is approaching in a few days, and we know that you are as excited as we are. Don’t you? Have you planned out what are you going to do and what will you give your friends? If no, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start planning for your holidays and how are you going to celebrate it today. But if you have, then one thing you need to consider more is to get your hands on Christmas gift boxes because you should be giving out gifts in Christmas-themed boxes. Below in this article, we’ve put together some of the best ideas for you. To learn about them, continue reading!

1. Gingerbread Cardboard Treat Boxes

Gingerbread house is a staple for Christmas, which has been associated with Christmas tradition for centuries. From adults to kids, every year at the Christmas season everybody makes it at their home and decorates it. The traditional gingerbread house inspires this Christmas gift box. This box is perfect for giving out treats to kids on Christmas. Moreover, made from cardboard, they also offer enough sturdiness, so whatever is packed in them is protected from damages. These boxes surely offer the best value to your money.

2. Cardboard Box Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman with gifts? If yes, then cardboard snowman Christmas gift boxes should be your choice. Whoever will receive presents in them will love unwrapping this cute stack of gifts. A great option if you want to surprise your kids this year because they love snowman. Plus, if you're going to make this at home, then it is so simple and easy to make. All you require is a few cardboard empty boxes to put gifts in, gift paper in white black and red color, a few buttons, and a ribbon.

3. Christmas Gift Boxes with Bow

Christmas themed gift boxes are another great option to pack and share gifts this holiday season. What makes these boxes more special is the bow on top of them. The box design is basically mimicking the design of the handmade gift packaging. However, instead of wrapping the box with gift paper and placing a bow on top of the box, these boxes are made like a Christmas special gift packaging. Therefore, they have eliminated the need for wrapping, ribbons, and other decorative stuff. If you wanted a box that can pack the gifts for the entire family, these boxes should be your pick.

4. Cheerful Snowman Holiday Nesting Boxes

We all know there is nothing that symbolizes the holiday season better than a snowman, or there is? Above we mentioned snowman gift boxes that you can make at home, but these are the one you can get from any Christmas market or online store. These are great if you are placing gifts under the tree for the entire family. Kids, in particular, get drawn towards gift boxes that have their favorite snowman on them. So, if you were looking for boxes to place under your Christmas tree, then they will look fantastic.

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5. Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes Red & White Stripes

Red and white stripes represent the Christmas season in the best way possible. If you are hunting for the more classy and elegant gift box option for your friends or special someone, then you should opt for something like this. The classic and beautiful box design features a ribbon on top and red and white stripes all over the packaging. You can pack pretty much anything in them and – be it any cosmetic item, clothing piece, or a more of the fragile item. Since they are made from cardboard, they will keep the gift protected in them.

6. Natural Elements

Designing your gift packaging with natural elements looks stunning, simple, and Christmas-ish. To pack your gifts, you can wrap your boxes with plain brown wrapping paper. Also, you can forage your backyard for tree pinecones, clippings, and other pieces of fresh greenery to top your gifts. Moreover, to make gifts more special for the receiver, you can add tags that say the receiver’s name and a wish. If not this, then another option is to pack a note inside the box with a beautiful wish. The receiver will feel loved while opening the gift box that you have put so much love and effort into making in.

7. Christmas-Themed Nesting Gift Boxes

Nesting gift boxes are a great option to pack different types of gifts in them. The best thing about choosing these boxes is that you can have them decorated with various Christmas themes. Maybe you like your boxes that have Happy Christmas printed all over them, or perhaps you want to choose the gift box that has Santa on it. Make sure to select them in different themes so all the gifts don’t look the same.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is all about sharing gifts and happiness. So, is you were looking for ideas to pack your gifts in, we hope this article has helped you a lot with that. Get these boxes from the store or try to make them home; these thoughtful gift boxes are something you need this Christmas.



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