10 Personalized Custom Boxes Trends That Cannot Be Ignored

Posted On: Jan-04-2019 10-personalized-custom-boxes-trends-that-cannot-be-ignored

Retail stores are brimming with products made by different brands. Their shelves rarely have any space and customers are always coming and buying goods. Everything is working smoothly in the retail industry. But behind this apparently smooth machinery, there are brands that are working hard to strategize every single part of their sales.

But there are some brands that are not doing as well. And there are some others who have captured the market completely. How does this discrepancy occur? Why are some brands able to sell their products successfully while some always seem to be struggling?

Answer Lies in Two Things: (1) Quality of the products and (2) designing of the packaging. Quality is important and should not be ignored but what is often overlooked is the designing of the packaging.

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Trends keep changing in our swift world and brands want to stay ahead of each other. They can only do this by going with the tide and making themselves part of the mainstream. This does not mean innovation should not be involved at all. But rather it should be introduced in small parts and the reactions to it should be measured carefully. If they are positive, it means it is safe to continue with it. If not, better abandon the idea to use it at another time.

The design of Custom Boxes is crucial in the success of a sales strategy. People are willing to pay money for fresh design seven if they cost extra. But the designs must be original and have a sense of ingenuity in them.

Top 10 Custom Boxes Trends in 2020

There are some current packaging design trends that need to be considered and are worthy of attention.

1- Foldable

Modern and chic, this custom foldable packaging has been praised by a lot of people for its flexibility. Its malleability also provides opportunities for brands to try different types of printing on it. A lot of printing variations mean there is no end to the customization you can do.

No matter what pattern you want to create, this container will be suitable for it. Its surface area and the flexible nature give you enough space for printing creatively without any worries of congestion or illegibility.

2- Die Cutting

This is one of the most well-known design idea that has been around for some while. Die is basically a kind of cutter used in the manufacturing industry used to cut materials and give them different shapes.

Die-Cut packaging is still trendy and can be transformed into different shapes. For different products, different shapes can be made. For instance, for storing vegetables, you can make a carrot or any other vegetable on the container. Similarly, products meant for children can have cartoon characters carved on them.

3- Slip-on Container

These custom cardboard boxes trends are mostly used for housing electronic items. It has two parts that are used for locking it securely. They are the hinge and a slipcase. These casings have incredible strength and can keep merchandise safe during handling and transit.

4- Sleeve Based

Introducing sleeves in packaging designs or making them as drawers has been a trend that has seen no decline in its popularity. They are affordable to manufacture as well. Their design is simple and can be handled simply. Their simplicity makes them a popular choice for companies and consumers alike.

This packaging trend is effortless and the constituents can be taken out by just pulling out the tray. A brand can also become eco-friendly by using these containers are made out of green materials that are good for the ecology.

5- Double Encasement

This design is admired for its durability. Double layers of materials protect the items strongly. There is also no need for extra cushioning since it provides enough protection already. Single layered containers usually requires some cushioning for absorbing shocks and mishandling.

This kind of casings are especially useful when items have to be shipped for long distances. During shipping, Custom Boxes USA might have to go through some rough handling and movement that could damage the merchandise. But using double-layered containers will ensure product safety at affordable prices.

6- Gable Boxes

These are preferred when luxury items need to be packed. But these can also be employed for less expensive materials. These are one of the most attractive types of packaging that people can get. Technological improvements have made custom designing Possibilities even better than before and they now come in several variations. Their rates have also dropped so more people can purchase them especially on auspicious occasion for gifting.

7- Transparency

Although this could be a challenging design since branded is a necessity for today’s packaging, some brands still pull it off perfectly. This is done by printing the branding either fully at the back or leaving the maximum part of the product visible on the front by using corners and margins.

Glass is a popular option for this but the use of plastic is also widespread. Glass is fragile so it needs extra layers of protection including the UV one. Plastic also needs protection but it is usually stronger than glass.

8- Flip top

The classic flip is here to stay. It never went out of fashion and looks like its trajectory is very bright in the future too. The idea of this design is quite simplistic and involves colorful boxes. The top, which can also be called the lid, can be flipped open and closed. Hence, it is easy to use for consumers.

9- Magnetic Touch

Thee boxes have made on and off appearances in the market but recently their demand has seen a steep rise. Their lids and bases both have magnets attached to them and can be very useful for easy opening and closing. Little effort is needed as the magnets attach to teach others firmly without any pressing.

10– Shoulder Design

Large boxes usually require a lot of effort to be handled properly. But if a handle is attached to them that can be strung on the shoulder for lifting the bag without bearing any pain whatsoever.



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