Why Is Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Utilized

Posted On: Nov-04-2021 Why-Is-Heavy-Duty-Shipping-Boxes-Utilized

Some people might not be sure what heavy-duty shipping boxes are, but it is not a big deal. Heavy-duty shipping boxes are commonly opted for shipping heavy or fragile items to far-off locations. Such heavy-duty boxes have a strong outer layer of Kraft material. The box is completely covered with a corrugated piece or layer that provides great protection and firmness to the box and the product present inside it. Heavy-duty boxes might be available in many sizes and shapes and always cover a robust and durable layer.

Why use Heavy-duty Boxes?

Heavy-duty shipping boxes are commonly used for shipping heavy objects to far-off areas. Heavy-duty boxes are designed with much care because they tend to be strong enough to carry objects for a long duration. Heavy-duty boxes are covered with kraft material or a double-walled layer of corrugated cardboard. This provides great protection and firmness to the overall box, and one can use it to ship many products as possible. Heavy-duty shipping boxes are widely used and hold great importance as they are the sole reason for providing ultimate protection.

What are Double-wall Boxes?

The heavy-duty boxes are given another name, the double-wall boxes to be exact for sure. Such boxes are designed with care and are heavily loaded with corrugation. A heavy-duty box has two layers of corrugation present in between two layers of Kraft material. This way, the box becomes extra durable, safe and firm on all sides. Imagine your house wall being covered with double structure and insulation. Your windows have double panel windows that are going to protect the house from excessive light or cold. Similarly, these boxes are protected from dust and dirt.

How Strong are these Boxes?

The example has been given above. Your home walls are covered up with a double layering structure and given a lot of insulation. This way, the room stays warm and protected from the harsh climate. This way, the box is also given extra strength and firmness and protects the items inside it.

A heavy-duty box can carry 80 pounds of weight or an item that weighs this much. The ECT or crush edge test for double-walled boxes is about 48, and the standard box with double layering is almost 32. So one can see the difference in both boxes.

Types of Heavy-duty Boxes

There are four basic types of shipping boxes used by the holders depending on the items they are transporting. The boxes are flexible yet much stronger than the ordinary ones, so you can ship heavy items easily and quickly. The sizes you can opt for are

  • Small: 16-3/8" x 12-5/8" x 12-5/8" (W x L x H), 1.5 cu. ft.
  • Medium: 18 1/8” x 18” x 16” (W x L x H), 3 cu. ft.
  • Large: 18" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H), 4.5 cu. ft.
  • Extra-Large: 24" x 18" x 24" (W x L x H), 6 cu. ft.

How One Can Make Great use of Heavy-duty Boxes?

Well, there are many benefits involved with heavy-duty shipping boxes, and one can make great use of it. So it is a must-try for all business holders.

You can use it for storing appliances at home. Mostly you can keep electrical appliances. Another reason is to store multiple items in a single strongbox. This way, you can save multiple boxes in this case. Next, you can use these boxes for storing fragile items as well. This way, the fragile item stays safe and secured without any issue.

Material Used

Most commonly asked why to use these boxes and what makes it a good option. We use it for storing items that are heavy and fragile. The material used is kraft or cardboard material. The cardboard material has a special type called corrugated sheets that are used between two layers of cardboard. This way, extra durability and firmness are added to the box, and now you can imagine how secure the box becomes. Therefore cardboard is used these days.

The heavy-duty boxes are made with great evaluation and hard work. These boxes are entitled to companies that are selling heavy objects. People use these boxes for moving house items or furniture as well. The boxes are present online or at local shops, so they are an easy catch as well. The boxes are often seen with the brand's logo on the front or at the back, where you can notice the details of the brand having these boxes. If you are moving out, you can use the boxes for easy storage and transportation. Simple cardboard boxes are not that durable as compared to these heavy-duty boxes.

 Recycle, Reuse and Reap the Boxes

The shipping boxes are easily recycled and can be used over and over. The material is Kraft or cardboard, so one can decompose these at once because they release no toxicity in the air. Hence these are safe for humans and animals around. These benefits have made the boxes an excellent choice. You can store the boxes for home use and for shifting purposes as well. So far, all these features are readily seen with such heavy-duty shipping boxes, so it is a must choice.



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