Ultimate Guide for Product Packaging

Posted On: Jan-16-2020 ultimate-guide-for-product-packaging

The manufacturing industry has grown over the years. It is now worth trillions of dollars. That is why we need to look at the factors that have allowed companies to grow and be successful. There is the factor that demand has risen over the years due to growth in population. But more than that, there has been the role played by something else.

This mystery factor is the role played by product packaging. We will be looking at the role played by these boxes in detail later on. What we need to look at now is the meaning of wrapping. We need to look at the importance of packing our materials. And we also need to know how to make this packing even more useful for our use.

These are the main questions and aspects that we will be dealing with. So if you wish to know more about the amazing and overlooked aspect of custom boxes in helping your business to grow and be successful, you should read on. We will help you to completely understand the factor of packing and how it applies to all of the parties involved in a sale.

Packing and Storage

This is the most basic factor that all manufacturers have to focus on. It is the basic requirement that we need to fulfill when we are thinking of manufacturing anything. If anything, the role of the boxes that are used for packing the product is very important. This is a guide to design the perfect product packaging. We need to be sure that we have to make these boxes as functional and useful as possible. Why is that?

When you make any product, you have to make sure that it reaches the customer safe and sound. That is the only way in which you can make a sale. If you cannot make that happen, you will never be able to get profits. And there will be no point in setting up your business. These packing boxes will help you to ensure that this does not happen. You will also have to use packaging boxes to help you get over this problem. These boxes will allow you to make sure that your products reach the customer and can be sold effectively.

We will now look more closely at the main function of using these boxes for our packaging needs.

Role of Packaging

There are many aspects that we can discuss here. Custom packaging has many uses and applications when it comes to the sales and marketing of the product. However, we will only be discussing two of the major roles that are played by these boxes. We will look at the aspects on which your sales will depend.

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The need for these boxes is very straightforward. You need to make a sale. And the product boxes help you to do that. The design, the structure, and the makeup of these boxes are decided while keeping these factors in mind. That is how manufacturers can make sure that the boxes that they use are well suited to the role.

Let’s have a look at the two roles of packaging that we mentioned.

Product Preservation

When you are selling something, you have to make sure that it is in perfect condition, right? You will never be sable sell defective and damaged. But your items are always in danger of getting damaged by a whole wide range of factors. So what do you do to make sure that the product is well protected? What is the one thing that you will have to focus on? That is the protective role played by the boxes. The items must be kept safe from any elements that may threaten their nature or appearance. These boxes have the primary role of making sure that the items are completely safe. We will be looking at this aspect in detail later on. For now, you must know that your sales will depend on this one thing. If you want to make a sale and make an impression, you will have to include this element of safety and protection to all aspects of your packaging design.

Product Presentation

This is the second role of these boxes. You do not want a drab and boring box that is just strong and tough. If you want the packaging to stand out, you will also have to focus on the physical appearance as well. Remember that the customer will see the packaging first, and then the product. So it will be your chance to make an impression and get the sale. For this purpose, we use an effective product packaging design. If you want to make a sale, you will have to tell the customer that your items are worthy. And you can only do that if you appear attractive and appealing. The whole idea of these boxes is to make a positive impression on the customer. We will be discussing different ways of making this impact later on. But if you want your packaging design to be complete and useful, you will have to focus on the physical outlook of these boxes.

These are the two main factors that must be present in any form of wrapping that you use for your items. No packaging guide will be complete without talking about the basics. Once you have designed a box that has both of these aspects, you can include other features. But for any beginner, a thorough understanding of these factors is very necessary.

Packing and Sales

We talked about how the main aim of any manufacturer is to make sales. That is the only reason why they use these packing boxes. But to make it sound more interesting and relatable, let’s take an example.

Imagine that you are looking to buy a packet of biscuits. You enter the nearest grocery store. The first thing that attracts you is the variety of colors that dominate every single shelf. That is the first impact of a well-designed box. Anyhow, you go the shelf that displays a wide range of cookies and biscuits. Which one do you choose?

This was a test conducted to gauge the role of packaging in making sales. 80% of people answered that they based their decision on the packaging and its appeal. They just chose the boxes that looked most appealing and eye-catching. You can see how the presentation aspect plays a big role in influencing our decisions.

Now back to the scenario. You chose a box of cookies that looked good and aesthetic. So what is the second thing that you will check? You will look at the packaging in detail and check whether the cookies are broken or not. If they are broken or damaged, you will immediately put it back on the shelf, right?

This is where the second aspect comes into play. You need to be sure that the biscuits are perfectly preserved and are not damaged in any way. The moment the customer finds that the items are even slightly harmed, they will not buy it. They will just buy something else and move on. You will have lost a sale. And you will have gained a bad brand image.

And that is the last thing that you need, right? So what do companies do to make sure that they can make a sale? What is the perfect form of packaging that allows us to package and present effectively at the same time?

Perfect Packaging

Cardboard boxes are being used by more than 75% of manufacturers all over the world. These boxes have been acknowledged to be the best and most versatile form of boxes ever produced. That is because there are many advantages to using these boxes. They have all the qualities and characteristics that only the best packing material can have.

Just imagine this. These boxes came to light in the market in the 1800s. That is more than two centuries ago. The world has completely changed since then. And yet these boxes are still here, serving their role as effectively as possible. That alone speaks volumes about the usefulness and ability of these amazing boxes.

Today, the cardboard industry is worth in the billions. And that is all due to the fact that cardboard is the perfect packaging that we have as of now. We will be looking at all of the factors that make these boxes stand out. The ultimate guide to packaging will never be complete without talking in detail about the ultimate form of packaging.

Let’s have a quick look at what are the features of a good packing box. And then, we will see how cardboard allows us to fulfill all of these responsibilities.

Perfect Box

When you are sitting and thinking of what the characteristics of a perfect box can be, you can make a list of a few of them. We have made it easier for you. We have made a list of all the aspects that a perfect box will have. If the boxes have all of these characteristics, you have the box that will solve all of your problems and packaging needs.

Strength: You have to make sure that the boxes are strong and stable enough to ensure complete product preservation. In that way, you can easily make sure that the items are safe from any harm and can be presented to the customers.

Storage Ability: You need a box that can offer to store your items for a long time. The things that you produce will not be sold in an instant. They will have to lie on the shelf, or in the storage for some time. That is why you need a box that can endure all of this. It should be durable and long-lasting.

Customizable: This is the main factor that every box should have. This means that you can design the boxes in any way that you want. It will help you to determine the appearance of the packaging and make it look more attractive and unique.

Promotion: This is very important for your brand. You need to have packaging that can help you to make sure that you can promote and boost your brand image at the same time as making sales. Brand based packaging is very helpful when it comes to making the business grow.

Cost-effective: This is the one factor that you will need to focus on. If the cost of packaging is too high, you will not be able to take advantage of any profits. You need a cost-effective box that will help you to reduce your production cost and ensure that your profits are maximized.

Environment-friendly: You need to make sure that your packaging is designed in a way that is more protective of nature. This is due to the rising threat of pollution and concerns amongst customers. If you want your brand to be successful, you will have to make sure that your packaging boxes are as effective as possible when it comes to being green. Discarded boxes form over 78% of the solid waste that litters our planet. That is why you have to opt for more biodegradable packaging.

These are the factors that you must keep in mind when you are looking for the boxes that will best suit your purpose. Looking at the list, you might think that maybe that’s too much. No single box can have that many amazing qualities, right?

Well, you are wrong there. We said cardboard packaging is the best. It is because these amazingly useful boxes have all of these qualities. That is why they are considered the best. And that is why you need to use these boxes in your packaging design.

Why Cardboard?

The fact that more than 90% of global manufacturers use these boxes is not reason enough. We have to look at how exactly these boxes allow us to get the maximum benefits.

We talked of the qualities of a perfect box just now, right? Let’s see how cardboard easily fulfills that criteria and wins the “best packaging” award.

They are strong. There can be no doubt about that. These boxes have a multi-layered design that allows them to distribute pressure and weight and have a firm structure. They might be made of paper, but the boxes are strong enough to prevent any damage to items during retail or transport. The air spaces in the design allow the boxes to serve as the perfect sort of insulation for the items. They just absorb all physical impact and prevent it from reaching the items. That is why they can be used without fear. Corrugated packaging or Kraft boxes can help you to boost the safety of any product. The rigid structure and flexible nature of the boxes allow them to serve as an effective barrier. They also have an enclosed and lidded design that helps these boxes to prevent any damage caused by invasive elements like microbes, moisture, and temperature. In this way, they can ensure complete protection.

They are Customizable: This means that you can easily design the boxes in any way that you want. Just take a sheet of cardboard. Have it die-cut in any shape that you wish your box to be in. Make the basic structure of the boxes. Once you have made the box as creatively and uniquely as possible, you can custom print on it. That means that you can simply print any design on the box. It is just like paper. Just fold the paper in any shape, cut it, fold it, do anything with it. Then you can just have any design printed on it. In this way, you get an unlimited choice about the design of the packaging and how to present it. You can use CMYK product packaging for this purpose. The bottom line is that you can make the boxes in any way that you want. And that is the only way in which you can make sure that the packaging is as unique and attractive as possible.

They Help Promotion: The only way that you can use these boxes to promote your brand is if they can catch the attention of the customer. You have already custom-designed the boxes. Now you can easily use it to promote the brand. Make a logo and display it on the boxes in a way that everyone can see it. That way, you can ensure that people will see the boxes and the brand logo and memorize it. The logo is the main marketing tool that you have. If you can use the packaging to make people aware of the logo, you can then easily use it for advertising yourself. You can also use other techniques like printing promotional offers on the boxes or using them to connect with the customer by providing product details and contact information etc.

They are Cost-effective: Yes, that’s true. The cardboard sheets are made by using wood pulp, recycled paper, and other such natural products. You can buy them from anywhere. There is no need to search for expensive raw materials for these boxes. Once you have them, you can make the boxes yourself. They have a very simple production process. There is no need for tricky machines or hiring skilled workers. Just make and design these boxes in any way that you want. If you cannot make them, just buy them. There are hundreds of suppliers available online. Buy in bulk, and you will get discounts and reduced rates. That will also help you to reduce the cost of the packaging, helping you to increase your profits.

They are Ecofriendly: We mentioned that these boxes are made of wood pulp and plant fibers. That makes them very biodegradable. These boxes can be completely broken down in less than three months. Compared to plastics that take millions of years to do that, cardboard is the better option. These boxes are made of materials that provide the soil with nutrients when they break down. Or better still, you can easily reuse these boxes to make new ones. That is possible, and many manufacturers take advantage of that to make even cheaper packaging. This is the cause why these boxes are so popular. If you don’t want them, they will vanish in less than three months. If you do, just buy them at knock-off prices from any scrapyard and reuse that. It really can’t get any better than that.

These are the main reasons why we believe that cardboard is the ultimate solution to all of our packaging needs. If a box can provide us with all of these things, we can easily acknowledge it to be an undisputed king of packaging.

Your Firm and Boxes

If you are looking to start your firm, you need to keep in mind the role of these boxes in determining your success. If you do not have these boxes, your products will not be sold and get wasted. That is why you need an effective source of wrapping the items.

In this guide, we have told you all that you need to know about packaging materials and their role in ensuring your success. If you have read it carefully, you can easily see that designing perfect packaging is not as easy as it sounds. Or is it?

We talked about cardboard. If you want to get all of the best boxes, you will have to get in touch with the product packaging supplier to help you get the wrapping material that you need to fulfill your packaging needs. Just order the boxes that you need, and see how effectively they help you to boost your business.



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