Top 8 Reasons of Using Corrugated Flat Boxes

Posted On: Feb-8-2019 top-8-reasons-of-using-corrugated-flat-boxes

In the industry, the second most important process after the manufacturing of goods is their transport, also known as shipping. Often during this process, the product is not handled with much care which in turn causes damage to the manufactured goods while they are being moved. This damage then causes losses and to help prevent these losses, Corrugated Flat Boxes have been introduced. These boxes provide, to a great extent, protection to the products and hence, prevent the product from getting damaged. Other than this, these boxes are also used to transport similar products in bulk from the manufacturers to the retail stores.

Flat Shipping Boxes help in cutting down the losses by preventing the products from getting damaged. They do so with the help of their cushion-like design. They are used all over the world and play a major role in the shipping business. Flat Boxes are readily available and affordable. Hence, companies from all over the world use these.

Benefits of corrugated Flat Boxes

Some of the important benefits of using corrugated flat boxes are as follows:


Flat boxes are made up of cardboard. They have two main components; the liner and the medium. The liner is the flat material typically found on the inside and the outside surfaces of the board, and the medium, can be found between the liners. The medium creates the arched shape or “flutes” between the liners and is a large contributor in the strength of the board. These three layers combine to form a cushion that provides maximum protection to the product.


Flat Boxes, along with their protective ability, are also lightweight. Due to being lightweight, they can be easily loaded and unloaded from the containers. They do not count much while being weighed with the product and hence, do not put up a high shipping cost when the shipping businesses charge per unit mass.


Corrugated shipping boxes are also preferred by the distributors because they are customizable. They can be produced just as one wants. The sizes start from as small as one that would fit a small medal or an ornament, to those that would fit tens or hundreds of similar products for transporting products in bulk. They can be made cubical or cubical or any other shape as per the request of the distributor. Thus, products can be easily fit into the boxes as the distributor wishes to.


Fragile products like glass or bottles break easily and must be handled delicately. These products do not last one-tenth of their journey even if they are packed. Flat Shipping Boxes ease this with their cushion-like design which protects the fragile products and prevents damage to these products against strong jerks or other such movements. Henceforth, they make it safe to transport fragile products and relieve the distributors of unwanted hassle and losses.

Easy to Label

The surfaces (liners) of the corrugated shipping boxes are smooth due to which it is easy to label them. During shipping, the boxes need to convey some instructions in some manner to the workers so that the product can be safely delivered to the correct address. “Fragile”, “This-side-up”, “Flammable” and other such symbols need to be displayed on these boxes to alert the workers to take precautions while loading or unloading the boxes containing delicate products.

Other than this, shipping requires some of the paperwork and even barcodes to be pasted on the boxes to guide the workers of the tertiary industry of where the boxes are being delivered to. The information on the boxes can be addresses, phone numbers, e-mails and other ways of communication in case the shipping company wishes to contact the distributor. Corrugated shipping boxes allow all of the required information to be easily displayed to the workers of the shipping businesses and hence are suitable for the job.

Cost Effective

These boxes are cheap and readily available to the distributors. They come at less than 5$ (500 Pakistani Rupees) and prevent losses of over thousands of dollars. Due to this, distributors prefer using flat shipping boxes in order to maximize their profits and run their businesses.

Bulk Transport

Flat Shipping Boxes are sometimes also used to transport large quantities of similar products by the distributors. The flat shipping boxes generally come in handy in cases like these where they not only prevent damage or deformity to the retail packing of the products, but also, due to their custom sizes, transport a large quantity of the products collectively.


Flat boxes are usually made up of recycled cardboard material and hence are known to be sustainable. They cut down the wastage of used cardboard material and bring them to a greater use all over the world. Along with this, they are not harmful to the environment as they are to a great extent, biodegradable. Other than this, they can be re-used as well.




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