Top 8 Packaging Hacks to Grab your Customer’s Attention

Posted On: Mar 27, 2019 Top 8 Packaging Hacks to Grab your Customer’s Attention

The myth of product quality is now gone, people are creative now and need something different and packaging is become the first impression for the customers. About 56% women make buying decision in the first impression. That’s why the packaging become the main P of the marketing mix. Protective, attractive, durable, upto to the mark, competitive, cost efficient and trendy packaging grabs the attention of the customer and businesses are getting more sales out of it. The attractive packaging and display create the need and people agree to buy some extra things at every visit to the market. A simple and unclear packed products are out of the competition and ignored by the customers in a long run. Such products are considered as the local and C category products. That’s why the top 8 brands in the world use such 8 top packaging hacks and leading in the industry.

1. Make them unique in shape:

Either you are selling cosmetic items, or retail products, the design and style of the box should be attractive. There are unique shapes that grabs the attention of the customer at least 2x than that of other products. Pillow shape, gable shape, pyramid shape, briefcase shape and window boxes looks pleasant and attractive to the customers. That’s why the soap packed in pillow shape boxes sell more. So the unique shape of perfume packaging are sell the most just because of their unique bottles shape. Even these are used for gifts as they have unique shapes.

2. Attractive design:

Unique shape and attraction are two different things, packaging colors, shapes and effects make them attractive. This is the reason of having colorful packaging for the toys and simple for the retail products. The colorful packaging attracts the kids and they force the guardians to buy toys for them. The top brands like Disney world have specially designed packaging that attracts the targeted audience and help in sale. So, this element should be your top priority, for this, different embellished items could be place in order to decorate them and grasps the attention of the customer.

3. Go for customization:

Customization leads to personal wished designs creation in the first go, right size, right material, right dimensions, right color and right shape could be yield easily. So the boxes that are manufactured through this process leads to brand and they always have competitive edge in the market. There are custom printed boxes suppliers in the market that could be search easily. So, customization and personalization again proved as a hack that is being used by the brands. Nike shoes have unique and customize packaging, a window box is used by them. Moreover, Nestle pampers and milk have different customized packaging under the umbrella of the same parent brand.


4. Mention the purpose:

There is always a purpose of every single product, so the purpose, ingredients, precautions, instructions, logo, brand name, bar code, and theme should be properly mention on the box. Actually just after the first impression the second noticeable thing is clear instruction mentioned on the box. This clears the complexities and confusions about the product in the mind of the customers. So clear stuff leads to clear sale, this strategy is being used by the marketers to deal with targeted audience. The text format, words selection, and color target the audience and directly communicate with them.

5. Use right material for product:

There are couple of materials begin used by the industry, cardboard, corrugation, Kraft, silver foiled, gold foiled, white paper and eco-friendly are the top of the list. Cardboard is perfect and easily available in the market, this target the retail products in the market on the other hand the corrugated is strengthy material and use to carry heavy load. Corrugation is used for transportation, shipping and stocking of the primary products whereas the cardboard is for secondary products. Moreover, the Kraft is the biodegradable material and eco-friendly, so the green environment lover always prefer to this material. In addition to this different effects could be add on simple cardboard and make them attractive. This strategy is used by the marketers to grabs the attention of the customer.

6. Right combination of colors:

The color combination must follow the parent brand theme, just like nestle and dairy milk chocolate have printed boxes and all the products have same packaging with few color variants. Similarly, the color theory is different for different products, the products for kids have different color strategy as compared to cosmetic products. The customization process allows to opt for the right color combination rather than premade simple boxes. Different computerized software use CMYK, these four colors upon mixing creates billions of colors and the right printing colors could be obtain easily. So, the right combination leads to the branding and have psychological impacts on the buying decision of the customer.


7. Add maximum effects:

Different effects at life in the packaging designs, this hack lift your brand and trust up in the competitors. Embossing, debossing, foiling, matt, glossy, UV coating and unique shape are the effects that are mandatory for sales. Such effects are costly but make the products attractive and attention grabber. Such effects work with all type of materials and have positive impact on the consumer attention. Glossy effect make the surface smooth, shiny and plane. This make the box just like a crystal and scratch less. Moreover, UV coating restrain the light and contaminated rays to pass in to the packet. So, UV coating is best considered for the product that contains the chemicals and sensitive chemical like medicines, cosmetic creams.

8. Represent the product and focus the targeted audience:

The eight and last hack of this article is about to targeting the right audience through packaging. Yes, the product, it usage and packaging should have the direct co-relation. Your box should represent the inside product and the customer should understand a clear picture about what is inside of the box. For this purpose it is advised to use window boxes that provide a clear image to the customer without opening of the box. Such hacks help in sale more and satisfy the customers need. So, following such hacks will help you in growing the business and satisfying your customers need.

Such hacks are similar to the shortcuts and key points, they should be follow and this will lead to the branding and get more sales. These minor and simple hacks are almost essentials to be followed.