How to Ship Your Wine Bottles in Secure Cardboard Packaging?

Posted On: Jan-08-2020 how-to-ship-your-wine-bottles-in-secure-cardboard-packaging

The packaging is the foremost and effective way to protect the items from transferring from one place to another. Boxes and containers are used since the dawn of modernization to assist the products during their shipping around the world. In old times, cartons in the shape of wooden chests, barrels, and crates were used to ship products. These products include wine, grains, clothing, gunpowder, jewels, etc. The face of using containers changed with innovations over time, and the boxes made out of cardboard are most used. The wine packaging containers made out of cardboard provides ultimate safety. Along with safety, these boxes act as the tools of marketing for wine makes. The cardboard wine packaging is the most suitable type of containment style during the services of shipping over the world.

Massive Demand

Wine is a beverage product that has around 11 to 12 percent of alcohol in it. It is typically made out of the fermentation of grapes. However, there are different categories of wine in the industry. Some of the most basic types of wines include white wine, red wine, rose wine, sweet wine, and sparkling wine. The massive demand for this product all around the world makes it certain for the sellers to ship them over thousands of miles. Moreover, these need an adequate container, as glass bottles are fragile and are prone to break very easily during shipping. Therefore, wine packaging boxes are used to enhance the factors of safety during transportation.

It is significant for the safety of wine to get the assistance of wine shipping boxes to minimize any chance of errors. The transportation process is sometimes long, and despite the tags of “fragile” on the boxes, people mishandle them, and it results in a loss for the company. Moreover, shipping over roads, through the air, and via seas makes it certain that the weather conditions in various parts of the world are changing. Therefore, to go through extreme conditions of weather i.e., cold and hot, packaging plays an important role.

Points to Note Down While Shipping Cardboard Wine Boxes

Bring out your notepads and note down the important points related to the safe shipping ways for wine. Wine is one of the highly consumed drinks in the whole world needs an adequate shipping style for the safety, preservation, and longevity of the drink. Some of the most important points of wine packaging with the logo are given as follows:

1- Protective Pads

Although it is important for a wine container packaging material to be strong, sturdy, and robust, the inserts or cushioning material play an important role in enhancing the features of safety.

The protective pads give an additional safety layer for the load. It is significant for you to think about wrapping your wine collection in this premium cushioning. The pads are made out of polyethylene that has massive amounts of air cells that make it difficult for anything to cut. Moreover, this non-grating way makes a perfect choice for added protection.

2- Bubble Wraps

Several ways can add protection and security to the bottles of wine. One of the most adopted ways of cushioning for the transportation of wine in custom wine boxes is the use of bubble wraps and air packaging. Using a couple of layers of wraps and an air sac can give you the best cushioning for the bottles. These wraps and sacs of air can guarantee the protection of delivery. Moreover, another benefit of using this as the cushioning is the reduced costs as these are the lightest forms of cushioning. It is necessary to use any protective material inside the containers; however, using these is the best.

3- Dividers

It is a possibility that your wine bottles hit each other during the shipping process even inside wine boxes the USA. Therefore, you need to consider something about it. Using dividers made out of corrugated sheets can help you in the best ways possible. It would help if you had ultimate security, and dividers offer you a chance to safeguard the bottles. Shielding these glass bottles from knocking with each other lessens the possibility of cracking.

4- Shredded Paper

Padding around wine bottles is as important as shielding them with dividers made out of thick corrugated sheets. It reduces the probability of breakage upon delivery. Other items of bundling offer protection; however, using these along with the others can add value able security to the bottles. Make your cardboard wine box the safest, using chips of foam or shredded paper.

Make them Know You

Although safety is the foremost reason to use custom cardboard packaging, using appropriate branding is also vital. It is significant for your business to be recognized all around the world. Using proper ways of branding can easily help your brand to have recognition all around. Every person who comes across the carton that is branded with company name, logo, and tagline will know about the organization. Word of mouth is a useful way of marketing, advertising, and branding helps to generate maximum word of mouth.

Get your cardboard wine boxes with adequate branding to enhance the features of your box. Moreover, follow techniques of cushioning to have appropriate wine packaging for your brand.