How Do Custom Printed Hair Extensions Help In Business Branding?

Posted On: Nov-01-2021 Hair-Extension-Boxes

Makeup and hairstyling have ruled the world for over a decade. Things are changing, and new stuff is coming in every day. So is the case with hair extensions. For better transport of hair extensions to all the ladies around the globe, better packaging of the hair extensions are essential. Therefore custom printed hair extension boxes have jumped in.  The hair extensions are packed within unique and stylish boxes that are willingly going to accommodate the product well. The material and designing of such boxes rely on the brands choice.

Women are beautiful and gorgeous creations, and we know they love makeup and hairdo styling. These are an essential part of every woman who loves makeup. These days more focus is shifted towards hair extensions. Women have all sorts of hair. Like short, the long or wavy and best part is that hair extension of all types are also available. The hair extensions to be used all around require boxes of great quality to preserve the hair extensions. Thus custom printed hair extension boxes are widely used to preserve the product well inside the hair extension boxes.

  1. Conscious selection of colours for the packaging

The makeup industry is the time in the rush to create extraordinary things that will benefit people from all areas of the world. The same lies for the physical packaging of the boxes; whether these are hair extension boxes or other cosmetic boxes, packaging needs to be as pretty and glorious as possible. Hair extension boxes must opt for colours or different colour combinations that turn alluring and appealing to the eyes of people who are going to buy them. Therefore use vibrant yet decent colours to enhance the box.

  1. Printed boxes for promotion

Once the background colour or theme is selected, the next important thing to look for is printing the boxes. Every custom printed hair extension boxes requires thorough evaluation and check-ups to look fabulous and splendid. You can use digital printing or UV spot techniques to write nice-looking Logos or company details over the box. The back of the hair extension box come up with the brand address and contact details that are best for customers to contact if they wish to order more and more boxes from the brand, and this helps to increase the reputation of the brand too.

  1. Shapes of the boxes

Another major concern is the shape or figure of the boxes for the hair extensions. The makeup industry is continuously experimenting with the packaging of the boxes. The purpose is to create attractive and stylish boxes that are going to be a turning point for the customers and the brand. The different styles and sizes present are pillow types. Flip two-side boxes, drawer style and rectangular style. One can also use magnetic style or wavy boxes for hair extensions.  The industries are making extensive use of all these types for marketing and promotional purposes.

  • Pull out boxes

Pull out boxes are pretty stylish and common. These boxes have managed to grab a lot of attraction and attention from the customers. Pull out boxes are like a drawer that opens sideways. Once you open these tough and durable boxes sideways, the product present in them is gracefully pulled out. The boxes are sturdy and excellent as well.

  • Lid box for packaging

Another great style available for the hair boxes is the lid type. These are simple and plain but pretty durable and tough as well. Professionals widely use these boxes as they have a simple lid covering them on top.

  1. Material to be used

The most called and recommended material so far is cardboard or kraft material. Both materials are bio-friendly and best for the ecosystem as well. They release little or no toxic substances in the air that might become dangerous for Earth's people, animals, and marine life. These materials can be moulded and changed into different shapes and sizes, as mentioned above. Printing becomes easy on these materials, and the process of casting away becomes less on both cardboard and kraft material. So one must use it.

  • the smooth surface of the box

after all the above features are fulfilled, the next part is to ensure a smooth surface, which is done through laminations. It involves the application of a layer of silk or plastic-wrapped over the box. It provides great shine and smoothness to the box on the overall front. This lamination or covering also retains the printing or colours that are added over the box. This way, everything is preserved and kept pretty secure on the box. Every manufacturer and holder are using this feature of lamination.


The makeup industry is meant to try new stuff in the form of both products and package them. This is the favourite part of the industry because this fun fact allows them to generate revenues and attracts thousands of people around as well. Physical outlook matters a lot, and if it is nice, the product is automatically going to be fabulous. All the above features are ideal and are under constant use as well. The whole game is to work on the boxes' visuals, which will turn up the whole business on good fire and results.