How CD Storage Boxes Help In keeping them Stretch Free?

Posted On: Jan-12-2020 how-cd-storage-boxes-help-in-keeping-them-stretch-free

Though people have moved to other storage devices to store their data, CD and DVDs haven’t died yet. In fact, they are still sold by the tens of millions. Many people must have remembered the first CD they ever bought, but they don’t recall the last they purchased the new one. I still remember the days when we used to buy CDs to listen to our favorite soundtrack or DVDs to add to our movie collection. There is no denying that people don’t use them that often due to the other options available. However, I still see CDs and DVDs almost everywhere. Against all the odds, a considerable number of individuals are still buying them.

Even though digital options are commonly available for music procurement, CDs are still being sold by the tens of millions. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry generated a report that in 2014, worldwide sales of physical music, most of which are CDs, were almost $6.82 billion. Moreover, in 2015, Billboard stated that in the first half of the year, CD sales were less from the last half of 2014, but still totaled 56.6 million units. This means that popularity may have decreased a bit, but people are buying a huge number for different purposes.

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A CD is the most unforgettable asset of a person, and they have their favorite moments, memories, songs and movies stored in them. Plus, many macro and mini businesses store their crucial data on CDs and DVDs. If they are not properly covered, they are likely to get damaged, and all the vital information would be lost. It is the reason why there is a need for a good storage box that should be sturdy and durable, so the data remains scratch-free. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned how these boxes help in keeping CDs safe and protected.

Importance of CD Boxes

Since the CDs are still made and sold in a huge number, the packaging manufacturers are also earning well by selling boxes that make sure they do not get damaged. CD storage boxes have evolved so much with time. They offer better protection to CDs than ever before. Packaging boxes play a remarkable role in the storage and transporting of CDs safely. Most boxes are rigid or semi-rigid and designed to prevent the media from scratches and other types of exposure damages. Form the above discussion; it is clear that CDs are still prevalent storage mediums. Still, every business is using CDs to boost its sales. The striking CD covers displayed on the racks to grab the attention of the buyers. The same goes for the CD boxes. They have also become the mean of marketing and boosting sales. However, the primary purpose is still to keep CDs scratch-free. Here is how CD boxes do this:

How CD Boxes Protect CD/DVDs?

Commonly, CD storage boxes are made from three materials. The most common and popular boxes options are corrugated cardboard CD storage boxes, polypropylene (Plastic) corrugated CD boxes, and archival CD boxes. All three of them possess different qualities are even different in nature. The CD boxes are a smart tool to store your CDs. These three types of boxes are usually used for protecting the CDs and DVDs from dust, scrape, and water. The seal on these boxes doesn’t let the external factors swindle with your valuable data. Depending on the requirement and preferences, people choose their desired boxes. Moreover, brands also have the option to select material, size, style, printing, designing, etc. according to their business requirement and how they want their custom CD boxes to be.

If you are looking for the top-quality and resistant CD/DVD storage boxes, then you can customize your storage boxes according to your specifications. These disc storage boxes can be customized with all the features that you are looking for. They can be spacious enough and often come up in sections to store CDs and DVDs separately to prevent any scratches and damage. You can get them in different finishes such as matte, glossy, aqueous coating, and spot UV coating. Plus, with add on choices like a die-cut window, raised ink, gold foiling/silver foiling, and embossing to stand out from the crowd. Now, you do not have to worry about your appearance of the boxes and the data stored in CDs as these boxes will maintain the quality of your CD and your brand.

Final Thoughts

Many, if not most, organizations still store their data in CDs/DVDs, and many people still like to collect their favorite records in them. It is the reason why they haven’t disappeared. Custom CD boxes are designed in a way that they systemize and efficiently protect your CDs. We hope that this article was helpful for you to understand how these boxes can keep your CDs/DVDs safe and protected.



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