Glossy VS Matte Product Packaging

Posted On: Dec-23-2019 glossy-vs-matte-product-packaging

When a box is composed, it is important to consider all the material types for its production. The right choice of the material lies with the type of article that is to be packed inside the box. The main functionality of a product packaging is to be enlightening, make the item look good and provide the best place to store the product. Multiple styles of boxes are created with diverse ranges of coatings on top of it. All these laminations and deigning papers are categorized into two important types. Matte and Gloss packaging styles are two main differentiations that are found in wrapping sheets. To select one option between the two makes it possible to decide whether your packaging will shine and shimmer or will it be toned down and sober. There are many other differences that are found between these two coatings. Detailed knowledge regarding both of them becomes a guide for the companies who are looking forward to creating a new packing for their product. Some of the highly witnessed properties of matte and gloss are mentioned here for readers’ interest.

Gloss Papers

Elegance and style make the packaging worth spending money on. The shinning and clear surface makes the product look attractive while it sits on the shelf. Pleasing a consumers’ sense of sight is what most of the products get sold on. Apart from being a personal choice of the buyer, gloss wrappings come out as a necessity for many articles. Well known and posh companies entertain the idea of shimmering in the market through their product boxes. This is where a gloss sheet comes in handy. Certain positive and negative features can be articulated to further shed light on this type of coating.


Whenever anything is selected, its beneficial aspects are considered first. Same goes for selecting the Glossy Product Boxes for merchandize. Some of these points are jotted down here.

  1. It promotes the product with style. Flaunting the name of the company and the style of the box to catch the eye of the consumer stands out as its number one property. The clear, see-through labels and logos shine directing on the surface of the packaging, making it look exceptional.
  2. The shiny and smooth base of the wrapper heightens the color quality of the prints on it. When the light hits the container at a certain angle, it grabs the attention of the buyer.


With every positive point, there is something that makes you run to the hills. Keeping these points in check is also necessary for the success of the product packaging.

  1. Even some of the best quality wrapping can get fingerprints on top of them. This is a huge drawback as the prints are more visible on glossy surfaces when light falls on them
  2. Most of these papers are created using UV rays which leave a certain odour in its wake. This is not acceptable as the packaging should not create unpleasant smells because it puts off the mood of the buyer.

Matt Coatings

Subtle and mature packaging is the need of many diverse product types. The translucent material gives out a nice look in the form of a matte sheen. A hit of versatility and sophistication can be added to the outlook of the box with the use of papers that are manufactured in matte style. Matt Product Boxes are considered to be trendy in design therefore many food making companies, garment brands, and other industries settle for this type of coating for their pouches, jars, and other packages. As the physical outlook of the box creates an affinity between the product and the buyer, it becomes fruitful to handle the box design perfectly.


Before picking up this design, understanding its benefits is really important. There are multiple plus points that can make matte finishing a good option for your product.

  1. A luxurious look and feel can be added to the product outlook. This way the worth of the product rises considerably without investing more money on the refinement of the product.
  2. The natural texture is often associated with being organic and ecological. Many products fall under this category and this is how companies can show off their eco-friendliness.
  3. The smooth surface can take shape of any desired idea. They look inviting in all the weathers around the year. This property makes them a good choice for trading the products to areas with a different climate than the one where the product is originally created.


The other side of the picture shows the negatives of producing your product in matte style. Paying attention to this list can result in taking precautionary measures against them.

  1. This product packaging has a tendency to look dull and unattractive when used with certain color combinations. It takes the attention of the consumer away from the product to others around it.
  2. A matte look gives out a feel of being cheap and inexpensive. This makes a certain impression in the minds of the buyers thus resulting in decreased sales.

Summing it all up

As the final selection is completely in the hands of the client, they should be well aware of these points related to both matte and gloss packaging. By having a complete know-how about the product, correct decision can be made. The selection choice can then be backed-up with the help of this information.



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