Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Children

Posted On: Oct-23-2020 Fun Halloween Party Ideas for Children 2020

If you are thinking about planning the picture-perfect Halloween party, then all you have to do is choose a few of the below mentioned amusingly scary and amusing Halloween themed ideas. Most of the Halloween parties are always tailored for the kids, but these ideas can promise that the grownups will have an enjoyable time too while watching the little kids playing the games, and maybe you can join in too!

halloween 2020

Every year several new ideas for this yearly occasion are invented. People spend days decorating their houses and their front yards to set the vibes right. There are many ways to decorate your houses. The most popular one is craving the pumpkin or also known as jack-o-lantern. But as this sometimes leads to a messy situation, people nowadays are drawn towards ideas of using Custom Boxes for this purpose. These are easy to carve, and even kids can do it with perfection. Furthermore, these are easy to carry and are durable enough to last the whole night. The packaging is playing many important roles in our lives, and it seems like it has entered this particular occasion too.

Here are some fun Halloween Party Ideas that you can totally implement at your parties.

Toilet Paper Mummy Halloween Game

One of the most known games for Halloween parties is the toilet paper game. It is inexpensive because let us be honest, who does not have toilet paper, right? This particular game is known for providing lots of fun. It will certainly make everyone have a good laugh. The way how it works is that you pit several groups of 3 (one is a mummy, two are the wrappers) against each other, and the team that finishes their toilet paper roll first wins!

Donut Eating Race

If you have never taken part in a donut eating race, then you are missing out on a lot of fun! The ideal way is that you would want to do a little donut testing in advance to make sure you have got a well-made donut, but it is without a doubt a good game specifically not only for Halloween parties but birthday parties too. If you can make the adults participate with the children, there are chances that your stomach might hurt from all the laughing!

Popping the Pumpkin Balloon Halloween Game

This particular game is a good one for the teenagers to set up themselves. All you need to do is stuff the balloons with pieces of paper that have prizes written on them, which can be claimed later. You can make this even more fun by selecting a host for this particular game that is wearing Cardboard Masks. You can number the balloons and then ask the kids to select the number and then invite them to pop the balloon to get to their gifts. 

Frankenstein Bowling

This Halloween Game is also one of the most budget-friendly and can be appreciated by even the youngest ones at the party. All you have to do is to save your old Custom Boxes or cans. You can either paint them, or you can completely cover them with a themed scrapbook paper. Both of the activities are fun to do, the actual bowling itself or decorating the cans for the theme! If you do not have time to paint cans, then you can also leave them to your children as they love to make a mess, and this all you would want, messy pins to bowl at.

Frankenstein Bowling

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo is always the hit game at the party. Most people especially love this game for classroom Halloween parties or even playdates. The best amazing part is that you can find loads of free easy to print Halloween Bingo cards online. But if you do not want to go to the irritation of printing bingo cards yourself, then you can always get them at fairly inexpensive rates on Amazon for a large party you are planning to do.

Feed the Monster

This super fun game idea will keep people and kids of all sizes well entertained! The best and amazing part is that it is so inexpensive because it is literally made out of a box. All you need to do is to wrap the box with a crape paper, or if you are feeling lazy, then you can end up painting it accordingly. Then, you have to create an opening on top of the box so that kids can toss balls or candies into the box hence the name, feed the monster.

Halloween Face Painting

Who does not love getting their faces tinted on this occasion? No Halloween Game party is complete if it does not have a face painting station! You can do this even better if you can somehow find an expert to paint the faces of the children according to their costumes. This will make much more sense, and then you can always capture these scary moments perfectly in your cameras. You might have heard stories about hazardous face paints, so always be sure to look for a set that is qualified as organic.

face painting

DIY Treat Bag Decoration

One thing that Halloween is especially known for is that scary ghosts with Cardboard Masks for Kids pop on your door and ask you for a treat. Well, before the kids hit the streets, you can guide them to a set that is specifically designed for decorating their custom treat bags. They can decorate those using custom stickers, paints, and ribbons for this purpose.

Pumpkin Mini Golf

This is the cutest Halloween Game for the kids! Find a huge pumpkin that can be carved, a piece of cardstock, and the little foam balls for golf.

Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and spoon race is always on the list of party games for kids! It is always a hit! Especially if you consider using real eggs and a Halloween themed spoon, things would be so much fun.

Kids wait for this occasion all year long, and for that, you have to make sure that you plan the perfect Halloween Party for them. Nowadays, with the internet evolving so much, you can find tons of ideas on it to add a touch of perfection to your party. Follow some of the ideas mentioned above and start preparing for Halloween.