Food and Beverage Packaging: The Essential Guide

Posted On: Jan-20-2020 food-and-beverage-packaging-the-essential-guide

The food and beverage industry has been growing at a steady pace. It is now worth a whopping three trillion dollars! That makes the food manufacturing and processing industry one of the largest in the world.

But what is the reason behind this growth and revenue? What are the factors that make the food we eat worth so much? And what are the factors that have helped the consumers and the firms to get more and more advantages?

We all know that food is essential. Right? We cannot survive without it. With the global population rising fast, there is an even greater demand for food and drinks. And the one thing that makes it possible for us to cater to the demand is the role played by the food and beverages packaging.

Food and Packaging

This is the aspect of the food industry that we will be discussing and covering in detail today. There are many things about the role of packaging in the success of the food industry. Most people are not aware of this fact, but food packaging helps manufacturers save millions of dollars every single year!

So what is special about these boxes that we use? How are they so effective? And why are they so popular that every single manufacturer uses them for their products? And why do we have any real need for specialized food boxes for our edibles?

Let’s have a look at the role played by these boxes first, before moving on to the other aspects of this guide.

Why Do We Need It?

There are many reasons as to why we have to make sure that we use the most effective wrapping for our materials. We use these boxes with one special purpose in mind. We use to help us grow our business. That is very simple. The only reason that these firms are operating is that they want to sell their items. And that is why they have to make an effort.

This packaging is the only way in which they can make sure that they can sell effectively. There are multiple reasons as to why these boxes play such a big role in boosting your sales. We will be discussing them in just a moment. The important factor to know is that we need this product packaging to help us promote our brand and grow our sales.

Let’s see how these boxes help us to do that.

Protection: This is one of the most important things that you need to know about when you are looking for a suitable form of packing. These boxes allow us to make sure that our items are not damaged or spoiled. The strength of these boxes helps us to make sure that the food items are not crushed or damaged by any physical shocks. They are made of tough materials that will absorb any shocks and jolts. And that is very common when these items are being transported. These boxes allow you to preserve the shape and physical appearance of your items. And that is very important when you have to make an effort to impress the people. A bruised apple will not be doing you any favors when you are going to sell it, right? That is why you need to have a box that can provide complete shielding from any harm to the items.

Shelf Life: We have talked about how we need to make sure that people get the items. But sometimes it happens that the items are not sold immediately. And that is why you need to have a sort of storage that allows you to keep the food on the shelf for a long time. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons that manufacturers use packaging. With more and more innovations in technology, we have been able to develop boxes that can preserve and store food for more than a decade while on display! That is pretty amazing. Therefore, you have to use these boxes to ensure that the items do not go bad once they are not sold immediately. Without packaging, we would have mounds of food getting wasted every single day. And that would have led to a crisis pretty soon. That is why we should thank the manufacturers for using proper storage boxes for their products. It helps them, and it helps us too. Vacuum sealing, nitrogen bags, and many other techniques are used for this that we will be discussing later on.

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Presentation: This is perhaps the most important function of any packaging. We mentioned that the role of packaging is to make sales, right? And this is the greatest factor that allows firms to boost sales. See, we shop with our eyes, especially if we are looking for items that we will be consuming for personal use. We always look for the most attractive and most beautiful packaging. Scientists say that more than 75% of sales decisions are made based on the visual outlook of the packing. And that is why these boxes have to be used. They will allow you to make the first and final impression on the customer. Manufactures have to make use of these boxes to help them get the attention and customer interest that they need for their items. It’s the law of making a sale. The better looking your items, the greater will be your chances of making a sale.

Marketing: This is a very important factor that we need to factor. With hundreds and thousands of firms competing in the same field as you for the same thing, you must make a name for yourself. The food industry is one of the most competitive, and it is very difficult for you to get a foothold. Unless you can market yourself effectively, that is why we have to make sure that our boxes serve as marketing tools. That is only possible if you are successful in making your boxes look attractive. You can easily then make the use of your display packaging to promote the brand and the product to the customer. You can do that in several ways, which we will be looking at later on. If you want to make sales, you will have to make an effort to be different and unique. All of this can only be made possible due to the use of your food packaging design.

Hygiene: When we are talking about food, we need to look at this aspect of wrapping as well. We don’t want to eat something dirty or contaminated, right? It can lead to all sorts of illnesses and complications. Plus, it’s pretty unappetizing if the food is not hygienic. That is why manufacturers make sure that the packaging plays its role. The protection that is offered by the boxes also prevents any action of bacteria and other microbes from contaminating the items. We know that transit and retail can lead to the attack of billions of illness-causing bacteria. And that is why we need these boxes to help our items be protected from all of this. That way, we can consume safe and healthy food.

Practicality: This is also a very major reason as to why we need wrapping. The boxes allow you to transport and display your items easily. The beverage boxes prevent any spillage of liquids. That is why they are used. The convenient and smart design of packaging allows it to be used to make sure that the product can be easily handled. For example, imagine if you had to drink water out of a pouch instead of an easy to carry bottle. That is just a small example. But you get what we mean, right? The manufactures have to think about your comfort and ease. And that is why they have to use the packaging to help them do that. If you want to make sales, you should keep the people happy and satisfied. And that is why these boxes are used.

These are the main reasons that we have to use the packaging to the best of its abilities. If you want to make sales and be successful in the market, you will have to make use of these boxes, and that is why they are a basic requirement for any firm.

Let’s have a further look at the significance of using packaging materials for our food items.

Significance of Packaging

We have discussed that these boxes are used to help you boost your sales. They do this by a wide range of means. The protection, preservation, promotion, and all of the other factors that we talked about, show us how significant it is for us to wrap our items well. The real significance of these boxes is that they allow the company to develop a bond with the customers. This is a relation of trust. And it can only be made possible if we can give the customers what they want.

People want to get the best. They want quality and standard. They want to feel special after buying the items. They want to trust the company. And that is why you have to make sure that you don’t break that trust. You have to make every effort to be closer to the customer. Make them feel that they made the right decision in buying your items.

And all of this is only workable if you ensure that you use the best packaging materials.

Best Packaging Material

Now that we mentioned it, there is only one material that has been acknowledged as the best material that can be used for food wrapping. This material is used for more than 60% of the food items being made all over the world. This is the material that is the preferred choice of more than 90% of manufacturers globally. This is the material that is considered to be the best and most versatile packaging material in the world.

It has been in use since the industrial revolution in the 1800s. Think about that, and for more than two hundred years, it has not lost its popularity. Instead, it is now more popular than ever.

We are talking about cardboard. It is one of the most widely used packaging materials in the world. And it is especially favored when it comes to food items. We will look at that in a minute. But for now, what you need to know is that cardboard is the best material for you. Just go to any store and look for any food items, and you will easily see that most of them are wrapped in these amazing boxes.

Let’s have a deeper look at the role of cardboard in food packing.

Cardboard and Food

There are many reasons as to why we use these boxes. It is one of the most known materials for a reason. In this essential guide, you will learn how we already have the best form of packaging available for our products.

You must have thought of how can a single box does all of that on its own? It is pretty incredible in the way a simple brown box made of cardboard can effectively do all of that and more. They can easily package and preserve your items, while at the same time attracting customers and promoting your brand.

So how can we use cardboard to the best of its abilities?

Why Do We Use Cardboard?

We know how important it is for any manufacture to choose the best packaging design and material for its items. We have made a list of some of the factors that allow you to make sure that cardboard is the best product for your packaging needs.

Strength and Durability: We know that it is important for you to prevent any physical damage to your items. That is where the strong and effective design of these boxes comes in. Cardboard is made of many layers of thick paper joined together in a design that makes it more absorbent and flexible. That is why these boxes can easily absorb any shocks that may be caused during transit or retail. They have a design that makes them more protective of the items. They can easily insulate your products from any pressure. And the strength of the boxes allows them to maintain their shape and not get crushed when they are stacked. There are many varieties of these boxes, for example, Kraft boxes. They are the strongest packaging being used and can offer total and complete protection.

Customization: The second that we talked about was the appearance of the boxes. We talked about the importance of being unique and having a visual impact, right? And all of that would require a packaging material that can be shaped and designed in any way that you want. Lucky for you, there is. You can easily custom design and custom print these boxes. Just choose the shape, size, design, and styling of the boxes. You can easily assemble the box in this image. That will help you to make a unique and impactful box that is well suited to your packaging needs. The custom designing will allow you to make sure that you get the best looking boxes that are attractive enough to gain the attention of the customers.

Convenience: When we talked about custom designing, we forgot to talk about this. You can easily design the box in a way that is more user-friendly. You can easily attach handles, groves for better grip, and any other three-dimensional design that you want. This will help you to make it easier for the customer to handle the boxes.

Printable: This is very effective because of the wide range of possibilities that are open to you. You can design anything and print it on the boxes in a way that makes them look even more attractive. But the possibilities don’t end there. You can easily print the product details on the boxes. That way, you can inform the customer about important things like the expiry dates, the nutritional value, the health hazards, etc. That is why it is important to use printing on these boxes. You can simply print all of this directly on the cardboard sheet. It is cheaper, convenient, and way more effective. That is why we use cardboard. Oh, and if we are talking of printing, you can also print the logo of the brand in a very prominent and memorable way. That will help you to fulfill the role of promoting the brand image. The people will see the logo and the brand name, and they will recognize the items immediately. That is why the manufacturers make sure that the printing is always on point when they are designing cardboard food packing and beverage packaging.

Ecofriendly: Did you know that food packing makes for more than half of global pollution. We just buy food, eat it, and throw the wrapping away, right? The use of plastic packaging has led to the accumulation of this waste. It is filling landfills, polluting seas, and killing the planet. That is why we need some sort of green packaging for our food. These cardboard boxes are made of recycled paper and plant fibers. That helps to make these boxes more biodegradable. That will help you to be sure that the environment is kept clean. These boxes are very special in this regard. They allow you to consume your food without facing the guilt of destroying the earth. And it also allows companies to make sure that they can promote their green policies and gain attention from the customers.

Cost-effective: This is a very significant factor when it comes to assessing the usefulness of cardboard. We have seen all the advantages of these boxes. That should make it pretty clear that the cardboard boxes are the best choice for food and beverages. But this is another significant factor that allows us to make sure that the boxes are the perfect choice for the customer and the manufacturer. The boxes can easily be made in a very simple and cheap manner. Or you can easily buy them from any online supplier. That way, you can take advantage of the wholesale prices. All of this will help you to lower your production costs and make more products. Also, if your cost is lower, you can lower your prices. And that is a win-win situation for the company and the customers.

There are many other advantages of using these boxes for your food. But these are the major ways in which cardboard caters to the need of an effective made of wrapping. Making packaging is tough, but these boxes make it look easy. That helps to explain why they are so popular and widely used.

Innovations You Should Know About

Granted that cardboard is well suited to the needs of the food manufacturers. But success in the market requires constant innovation and growth. That is why you have to keep pace with them and make sure that the items you package are done so in the most efficient way possible.

If you want, you can easily look at the rapid changes taking place in the packaging industry. We have made Nano-packaging for food. We have made edible boxes that are one of the most interesting development. There have been new and better printing and designing techniques that are being used. We have made new and better designs of boxes that can easily store food for a long time. We have seen new food preservation techniques being used. There are new and revolutionary ideas that will allow you to make your boxes even more effective.

The point is that you have to keep up with the trends and technology. We have seen why we need packaging for our perishables. We have seen the best-suited material and why it is popular. And in conclusion, we can just say that if you want to succeed, you will have to devote extra attention to your wrapping and product presentation.



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