Easter Gift Packaging Trends 2022

Posted On: Sep-20-2021 Easter gift packaging

The Easter gift packaging is specifically built for gifting purposes on the occasion of Easter so as to make the receivers feel very special. It is crafted out of strong and sturdy cardboard material, which makes it a safe and secure choice for delivering gifts even to longer distances. You can avail of it in innumerable sizes, shapes, and styles that make it an even more exciting option for packing your valuable presents. With its offering of countless customization options, you can amaze the target audience and enhance the worth of your presents in their eyes.  

Easter gift packaging 2021

The way you decide to pack your products for Easter plays a key role in the determination of your brand’s reach in the fiercely competitive market. That is why it is always wise to stick to some latest Easter gift packaging trends and follow them. This way, you would be able enough to keep your products related to this auspicious event and create excitement among the customer base to buy them. Here are some of the top Easter gift packages trends in the year 2022. 

Natural and soft colours:

Minimalism is a concept that has penetrated into all types of themed packages, and gift boxes for Easter are no exception. The top brands consider adding natural and soft colours in the packaging design that relate well with the theme of this holiday season. In this regard, the most preferred colours are white, purple, pink, green, and red. In order to create distinction and look different from others, brands are opting for the hues that perfectly contrast against these colours, but they make sure to opt for neutral shades. Unlike bold colours, these neutral shades are contributing to giving the brands the support that is needed to make their products stand out since they do not overpower your message or product-related graphics. 

Natural and soft colours

Eye-pleasing shapes:

When we talk about pleasing the customers’ eyes, is there anything that is more aesthetically satisfying than the shape of the packaging? Unlike the previous years, the gift packages for Easter 2022 are coming in some unique and artistic shapes. The brands are getting more creative, and you can see the boxes in some untraditional or unusual shapes like hexagonal, triangular pyramidal, etc. At the event of Easter, the eggs are the preferred gift items exchanged between people so, you can also opt for altering the shape of your box in the shape of an egg. Another trend in this regard is the altering of the gift packaging in the shape of a carrot or bunny so as to give the clients a hint about the event of Easter. 

Easter Packaging 2021

Simple and clear typography:

In this time of the pandemic, the customers prefer to make quick purchasing decisions. This is why the businesses are now facilitating the target audience through their packaging design this Easter 2022. Make sure you imprint all the product and brand details with clear typography that enables the text to be read easily, even from a distance. Fonts that are too congested and difficult to read require a lot of effort to identify the Easter products. So, avoid using fonts that compromise the readability of the printed text; otherwise, your products will stay on the shelves this season. 

gift packaging

Personalized experience:

At these hard times when the whole world is disconnected, the customized gift boxes for Easter can help you connect with your customer base. These personalized boxes, by offering a unique unboxing experience, can enhance the experience of the clients. This year, the tactics such as printing the names of the individuals on the inside of the gift packages are becoming a trend. Apart from this, the selective use of imagery and messaging through the use of custom inserts are also gaining popularity. Therefore, offer a personalized experience to your customer base through a unique unboxing experience as it is a powerful way to build a connection with the audience and boost customer loyalty. 

Revealing designs:

Packaging with revealing designs is one of the most prominent trends that you will find this Easter. Make sure you use this type of packaging for packing your gift products since it brings transparency and establishes your authenticity as a brand. One great idea about the revealing design is the incorporation of the transparent window on the special packaging of Easter. It will let the people see and recognize the products before even touching the box. You can also make use of some high-quality images of your items on the boxes. This kind of revealing packaging will clear all the doubts of the clients concerning your items, and as a result, the integrity and honesty of your business will get promoted.  

special packaging

As you can see, there are myriad Easter gift packaging trends in the year 2022. Remember to use soft and natural hues when designing gift packages for Easter since it is a trend in the market being followed by many top brands. The customization of boxes in some unusual shapes like eggs and carrots is also gaining popularity. Moreover, more revealing designs and packaging with clear typography is the most preferred option for the clients in the market. 



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