Beginner’s Guide to Protective Packaging

Posted On: Nov-02-2021 Beginners Guide to Protective Packaging

From manufacturing companies to selling shops, all firms need to pack and store their products properly. For this purpose, protective packaging is used by these organizations. They are used to pack multiple types of goods, including; automobile parts, electrical appliances, groceries, and pharmaceuticals, etc. They are mostly made up of corrugated sheets or Kraft papers. They provide good protection to the goods in them. Let us discuss a well-explained guide to these packages for beginners.


packaging manufacturing

Manufacturing these simple-looking packages involves a series of steps that make them excellent packages. They are mostly made up of corrugated sheets that are created through a certain procedure in the factories. Wood chips are used as basic raw materials for this process. Firstly, they are digested with the help of some chemicals that separates the needed fluffy fibers in the form of pulp. Now, this pulp enters the second step of making Kraft papers that are done by heating and compressing the material. After this, the corrugated layer pads are created using much-skilled equipment and complex machines. Finally, these pads or sheets are trimmed, folded, and glued to make boxes of certain shapes and sizes.

Packaging Types

packaging types

Products that are manufactured in factories usually do not reach the users in a single type of packages. More than one type of boxes can be used to pack a single item depending upon its nature. The following are such types:

Primary Packages

It is a type of box that is most closely associated with the item. Hence, its main function is to protect the item from being damaged. There are many examples of such packages that are in direct contact with the item. Cardboard boxes used to pack gifts, Kraft papers to store edible and thick corrugated packages for packing electrical appliances such as; freezers and washing machines, etc. are some of the prominent examples of this type of packaging.

Secondary Boxes

It is a type of box that does not directly cover the product, but it overlaps the primary packaging and is significantly thicker than them. Their main function is to provide additional protection to the items. Moreover, logos, brand names, and slogans of the companies are usually printed on them to promote brands. One can also imprint product descriptions and useful information on them. Examples include carrier boxes of food and medicines, etc.

Tertiary Packaging

Such packages usually enclose the secondary packaging in them. It includes the thickest packages of all types. They are mostly used by manufacturers and suppliers to store and transport their goods to the market. Users usually do not get to see them. They are highly strong and durable and provide good protection to the goods packed in them during transport. Their example includes large-sized curtains that can store a great number of items.

Market of Packaging

We know that the population of the world is rising day by day. This does not only increases the demand for food, medicines, and other accessories but also enhances the usage of packages to pack and store them. Moreover, the emergence of e-commerce has also resulted in a significant increase in its sales. This is the reason; the market of cardboard boxes is showing continuous growth. Like other vital products, they have become a need of time. According to recent reports, the value of paper packaging was about USD 64.4 billion in 2018 and is expected to rise to USD 82.4 billion by 2023. This is about 4.19% in just five years.




When the product is being transported at a large scale, companies are mostly concerned about their weight. Heavy objects are difficult to ship; hence they put the burden on the budget for transportation. However, product packaging that is made up of cardboard sheets is very light in weight. Their material is porous that makes them less compact but not flimsy. They are not heavy, but they are durable and strong. Hence, many kinds of goods can be stored in them in a highly protective way without worrying about the load on shipping.


Companies usually require some pliable packages for their products that can be reshaped according to the requirements. Product packaging, especially that of Kraft papers, is highly flexible. One can easily cut and fold them to give many kinds of shapes and sizes. This characteristic makes them adaptable according to the type of item being packed in them. Moreover, users can also be benefited from this feature in many ways. Consumers can reuse these boxes by trimming and gluing them to make other useful items, such as stationery holders and drawer dividers, etc.


Many organizations pay great attention to the strength and durability of the packages of their products. It is because, if they are fragile, they will not protect the items in them. Cardboard boxes help in this regard. They are made up of corrugated sheets that are very strong and durable and provide good protection to the products in them. People will be annoyed if they come to know that a damaged product is transported to them, which will result in customer dissatisfaction. In this way, such endurable bags keep the customers satisfied.




Budget is always a matter of great concern in every business. Every company wants a good profit spending a little money. Therefore, inexpensive boxes are always preferred by many organizations for the packaging of their products. These firms can avail corrugated bags for this purpose. Their manufacturing material is highly cheap, which consequently minimizes their price. They are cheap enough to put almost zero burdens on the budget of the business. They are considered to be excellent for low investment businesses.

Promote Brands

Marketing is the best way for companies to get known by people. For this purpose, different firms adopt various strategies. However, kraft paper packaging can be used in this regard. One can imprint many kinds of things on them. Typography can be used by many firms for promotional purposes. One can print brand names, logos, as well as slogans on them as an excellent marketing tool. Wherever those boxes will go, they will advertise the companies that may help them increase their sales. Moreover, attractive stuff such as; pictures, paintings, and fictional cartoon characters can be inserted on them that would capture the attention of the users.


We know that the development of the world has been proved highly advantageous for us, but in parallel, we also know that it has caused much harm. This is the reason; people are highly concerned about the wellness of their precious environment these days. However, packages that are made up of biodegradable cardboard are great packaging solutions in this regard. They can be decomposed by some biological processes. In this way, they do not leave toxic substances in our environment that may cause; land, water, and air pollution. Hence, they prevent us from serious environmental hazards.

Cardboard packages that are made up of corrugated sheets are highly protective of the products in them. We know that they are not restricted to packing a single type of item in them. They can carry multiple items. They may be single-layered or multi-layered depending upon the category of goods stored in them. Their distinctive features make them exclusively beneficial for manufacturers as well as customers. Due to their benefits, they are becoming an item of high use in the market.