A Complete Guide to Effective New Year Packaging

Posted On: Dec-29-2020 Guide to Effective New Year packaging

New Year Packaging is seen as the most favorable yet fantasizing packaging solutions of all times. It is the most widely used packaging all across the world as it caters to the needs of customers in the best ways possible. This packaging comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit product needs. It is made out of Kraft stock, bux board stock, card stock, and corrugated E-flute that are commonly known for their strength, durability, recyclable attributes, and water-resistance. These attributes enable the packaging to remain intact for a long period of time till it reaches the final consumer. To add value and uniqueness, it can be customized with gloss, matter, and Spot UV coatings for that luxurious look. More add-ons like raised ink, PVC sheet, and gold or silver foiling add further charm and grace to the packaging. It could also be customized using die-cut windows for that ravishing and elegant appeal. Packaging, along with these amazing attributes, must also serve the need for protecting and maintaining the quality of items encased.

New Year Packaging

New Year Packaging 2021 tends to stand out as people prepare themselves for the coming year. The traditional culture of exchanging gifts on big days like these has always been given immense importance. The packaging, in this case, contributes greatly to making this day special for people as they raise their hopes for new beginnings in life. Let’s shed some light on how this packaging is made effective to win several hearts out there.


A visible Green Impact

With such drastic increases in noise, water, air, and land pollution, people all across the world are raising their concerns about activities that have led to this. This increase in pollution has led to the thinning of the ozone layer and worsening global warming. To keep the eco-centric views of the people, notable businesses are now working on introducing production techniques that do not cause any environmental damage. New year packaging 2021 is made out of kraft stock, bux board stock, card stock, and corrugated E-flute that are typically known for their reusable and water-resistant attributes. This packaging caters to the needs of several items, whether edible or non-edibles. Its reusable attributes justify the fact that it does not have to be thrown away; rather, it can be used to encase other items that need protection. Also, it is totally biodegradable, which suggests that it is not prone to any adverse atmospheric conditions.


Versatility stays ahead of the game

Custom packaging boxes for New Year are graced with the most charming art and design to make them an intriguing sight to look at. PMS and CMYK color schemes are used to add a touch of fantasy to the ambiance. Moreover, some vivacious coatings of matte, gloss, and spot UV add further elegance to the outer appearance. Add-ons like raised ink, PVC sheet, and gold or silver foiling make the packaging appear luxurious. Also, die-cut windows seem a very unique and stylish feature that this packaging possesses. All these efforts that go into making this packaging seem worth a while are made wholeheartedly and intended to add value to the item to be presented to your loved ones at the start of the year. Custom boxes in the USA assure a happy and joyous start to the year with all the heartiest wishes for the year ahead.

New Year Packaging 2021

Imprinting stands high 

Imprinting leaves a long-term impression on people who first come across it. The packaging seems lifeless without some meaningful printing. For that matter, custom printed boxes are imprinted using the latest 3-D technology. Labeling is another factor that adds value to the packaging. Labeling gives out trivial but vital content that helps to guide customers while they are on the verge of making a purchase. With the right labels on packaging, customers are able to choose the right product for themselves. Moreover, to make customers aware of the brand, businesses print their names, logos, slogans, and mission and vision statements on the packaging. This packaging is imprinting the New year’s greeting and wishes to give it a lively appeal.


Quality stays consistent 

Quality is the most important attribute associated with packaging. Such a packaging solution is made out of Kraft stock that is known for its durability and strength, and so the fear of damaging the product encased inside does not exist. The product remains intact and does not lose its quality till it reaches the final consumer. Customers are given the best value for money through this premium quality packaging. Though custom boxes wholesale businesses tend to purchase his packaging in great bulk for this occasion and benefit from several price-cuts and discounts.

In the coming year, we need to promise ourselves to become better human beings and spread love. With your New Year gift packaging, you can make people smile and make them hope for the better. We wish and pray that the coming year brings in more positivity and fervor all across the world as it is much needed, and we hope it turns out to be an amazing one for all.




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