8 Clever DIY Crafts for Kraft Boxes

Posted On: Sep-08-2019 8-clever-diy-crafts-for-kraft-boxes

What is the Importance of Kraft Boxes?

Today, there are so many packaging solutions available in the market, from plastic to cardboard these options have created a buzz everywhere. Manufacturers have integrated the best materials into making packaging for different brands and companies. However, probably the most preferred among them all is the Kraft material which applies to a dissimilar range of packaging.

Kraft boxes have transformed the packaging trends with their multiple uses. When it comes to the packaging of different types of products, they have brought ease in our lives. Though there is a wide range of custom packaging solutions available out there, customers still prefer to get their products in boxes made of Kraft material. There are many reasons why both manufacturers and consumers opt for Kraft packaging, and one of them is they are eco-friendly.

These boxes are made from high-quality pine wood material, making them durable, sturdy, and robust. Kraft box packaging is strong enough to keep different items safely packed in them for the longest time. Every industry and business have embraced these boxes, and they are now popularly being used everywhere. From the packaging of electronic items to the delivery of food, these boxes are famous for their multiple uses.

8 Clever DIY Crafts for Kraft Boxes

  1. Mini Pillow Boxes

To make these creative pillow boxes, you need 100% recycled Kraft cardstock and are extremely easy to assemble as well. If you are planning to pack a miniature item in these boxes that this design and would be perfect for packing that item. All you need to do for assembling these boxes is to fold along the pre-scored line. These mini pillow boxes would make an ideal gift packaging and to make them attractive decorate these boxes with ribbons, glitters, and other decorative stuff. In this way, when you present a gift in them, the person will feel a little more special while receiving it.

  1. Kraft Teapot Candy Box

Put your wild imagination into creating these unique candy boxes. If you know someone who is a tea lover, then this would be the perfect gift box for them. All you need is a Kraft material, decorative stuff, and paints to make them look appealing. It is the perfect way to tell your friends, family, and colleagues just how much they mean to you. 

  1. Kraft Pumpkin Pie Boxes

Aren’t they adorable! The best thing about Kraft material is they are easy to modify, design, and assemble. These boxes can be ideal packaging for thanksgiving where pumpkin pie is the traditional holiday symbol. However, you can give a simple Kraft paper box a unique look by decorating them as a slice of cake. Now that is totally up to you whether you want to put, candies inside or an actual piece of cake. They can be used as favor boxes, no matter if it is a bridal shower or a baby shower. They will still look adorable.

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  1. Kraft Birthday Cake Box

Isn’t it the most unique and fun way to celebrate someone’s birthday or any other special day? I am sure you would love to experiment with Kraft material and make a cake box for pack cakes, chocolates, or another gift item. To surprise your loved one with the hidden gift inside the packaging would make their day. Be creative, use colors, make the frosting, make Kraft candles, and this cake box is perfect for holding an actual surprise in it.

  1. Kraft Candy Box

Kraft material is famous for its versatility which is why craft from Kraft boxes is very popular. You can always go on and get some ideas from Google and execute them. You’ll need some supplies and a little bit of creativity to make these beautiful, simple, and cute Kraft box packaging. However, if you give these simple boxes a little extra makeover, you are free to choose the decorative stuff of your choice. These boxes are perfect for celebrating your twin’s birthday.

  1. Kraft Paper Desktop Storage

If you can create your own desktop storage then why to buy one? Kraft material is extremely high in quality which allows it to keep and store your important stuff in it securely without any damage. All you need is some Kraft boxes and twist and modify them to form drawer-like storage. You can keep it plain brown if you want to, but if you to make it look attractive you can use colors to paint them.

  1. Kraft Paper Desk Organizer

Want some extra storage to organize your important files and papers? Go and find some extra boxes of Kraft material in your home. All you need is scissors and some colors to cut and decorate the box. To make the edges smooth, leave the extra paper to fold them inwards so that you’ll not get hurt.

  1. Kraft Ice Cream Cone Box

It may look tough to create, but it is very easy to assemble. To make it look more like a cone ice cream you can decorate the top with the white papers and draw sprinkles from colorful markers. They will look adorable when you present a gift in them.


The purpose of this article was to give you an idea of how creative you can get with simple Kraft box packaging sitting in your home. If there is an event you can DIY your own favor and gift boxes with some creative ideas. However, if you want something well made you can opt for wholesale Kraft boxes.



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