5 Crafty Gift Boxes Ideas for Valentine's Day 2020

Posted On: Jan-26-2020 5-crafty-gift-boxes-ideas-for-valentines-day-2020

Thinking about getting a perfect gift box packaging to show your love to the special ones is quite natural. Every year, people try to bring in new ideas and utilize them to make their loved ones feel amazing on Valentine’s Day. If you are also looking for some unique and out of the box ideas to make your loved one feel special, try out these five best ideas for crafty boxes to be used this 14th February.

Flowery Valentine's Day Box

You might already have seen various gift packaging boxes ideas to make your day special. But a flowery Valentine's Day box is one of the best ideas you can go for. There are two reasons behind that. One, the importance of flowers on Valentine's Day can never be replaced with anything else. Second, this box can easily be made at home with any of the used gift boxes. All you have to make it possible is to get the favorite flowers of your loved one and embellish the box with them. You can make use of it for a variety of purposes such as card box, gift package, chocolate box, Valentine's Day mailbox, and much more.

Glittering Heart Box

What could be better than a sparkling gift box for Valentine’s Day? You can turn a regular box into a glittering heart box in two ways. One, you can paste a lovely wrapping paper over the box, apply glue in a heart shape to it, and then cover the glue with sparkles. But you must keep in mind that you will have to wait for the glue to dry before you present it to your loved one.

On the other hand, the second way is, comparatively, much easier and faster. All you have to do is to get glittering stickers sheets, cut heart shapes from it, and paste it over the box. You can make use of glittering stickers, available at online printing vendors in a wide range, to make these little hearts and give an ordinary-looking custom gift packaging a fancy appearance in a jiff.

Reasons 'Why I Love You' Collection

You must have old gable gift boxes at home. Don’t you? If yes, then why waste your time and energy in searching out for gift packaging ideas for Valentine’s Day when you can make one at home? There must be dozens of reasons, if not hundreds, why you love your loved one. You can write them down on pieces of different color paper and put them in a box. Fill the empty box with each one of the reasons why you love your partner and give it to him or her. This will be an overwhelming moment, and you would not want to lose it. So while you give it to your special one, make sure that you are around him or her, and you have placed a camera as well to capture the moment. Isn’t that a perfect idea to recall all the best things about your loved one and, at the same time making special Valentine Gift bags? You are surely thinking about it right now!

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Personalized Cake

If you can do baking at home, then this Valentine's Day gift box idea is probably the best for you. For that, you need to bake a special cake, put it in a Gift Packaging for Special Day, and present it to your special one. This personalized cake packed in an alluring packaging will surely win the heart of your beloved and make him or her feel loved and cared about the most.

A Subscription Box

Getting a subscription box for your loved one is another easy and useful idea to be considered. Instead of looking out for a unique Valentine Day packaging, you can simply ask the subscription company to get the products delivered in a box that is designed for this special day exclusively. If you are confused about which subscription box you should order for your loved one, just think about the thing he or she loves the most and order it. For instance, if your loved one is fond of chocolates, then you can get a chocolate subscription box. And if he or she likes coffee, then you can get a coffee subscription.

Getting a subscription box for your loved one is beneficial in another way that it will not be a one-time gift. You can get it delivered to your special one as long as you want, and each time he or she will receive the box, it will remind him or her about you. Isn’t it lovely?

The aforementioned five gift box packaging ideas are the best not only for their impacts but also for being cost-effective. You can try any of them to make your special one feel loved on Valentine’s Day 2020.



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