10 Simple Packaging Templates for Food Business

Posted On: Sep-4-2019 10-simple-packaging-templates-for-food-business

The food industry is one of those industries which pay heed to their packaging and its material the most. No product in this world comes without some sort of packaging, which protects them from external damages. Similarly, every food item, regardless of type need packaging which certify protects against contamination by micro-organisms, air, moisture, toxins, and other external influences. It is an essential medium for preserving food quality, reducing food wastage, and diminishing preservatives used in food.

Modern customers are greeted with advance and innovative options, from durable and sturdy packaging to eco-friendly boxes, there are numerous packaging solutions. Manufacturers put so much consideration, technologies, and science into choosing high-quality material and correct containers. The main purpose of food boxes is to prevent the product from spilling or leaking and keep it is in original taste and form.

How Packaging Plays its Role in Food Business?

Packaging plays a major role when it comes to packing food and bakery items. Customers do not want their food products to come in low-quality and boring food boxes. They opt for packaging that is as tempting as the food item. Keeping customers’ requirements in mind companies get their hands on custom printed food boxes. Different techniques and methods are applied to get the packaging that customers like and purchase.

Use of Right Color

Have you ever wondered why fast-food restaurants use yellow and orange in their packaging? If no, then here is your answer. Colors trigger our emotions as they build a psychological connection with us. Every color activates different emotions in humans. When it comes to picking colors for food packaging, mostly brands opt for yellow, orange, and red colors, and these colors make you hungry and increase your cravings. It is the reason why Burger King, McDonald's, and other fast-food restaurants chose these colors. 

Selection of Material

If you want to grow your food business, then spending on high-quality packaging is significant. Along with the attractive design and tempting appearance, customers want their packaging to be sturdy and durable. These features in their food boxes will keep their product safe and protected for the longest period.

When you offer customers packaging that has a unique design, great material, and colors, then there is no chance that they will not get attracted to you. This will result in increased sales, and your business will prosper.

Packaging Design 

Design matter a lot when it comes to packing items that are yummy and tempting. New technologies have also brought some amazing designs. Though it is your choice to pick a design for your business gable food boxes are the most preferred and trending these days. Every bakery and food business owner can’t help it but incorporate these boxes in their business line due to their high demand and convenience these boxes offer.

Custom Printed Food Boxes

The competition is extremely tough out there, and brands are incorporating uniqueness and innovation in their packaging to step ahead of the competition. These boxes have proven to be effective for businesses as they act as a perfect marketing tool for them to promote both their product and brand. If you want to make your food business stand out amongst others in the competition, then investing in customized packaging would be your best decision.


10 Simple Packaging Templates for Food Business

  1. TOGO Burger

This fast-food packaging is beneficial for both the food industry and customers. Since the packaging material used in the packaging is less than usual which minimized clutter, it is preferred. Moreover, these on-the-go food boxes are easy to carry from one place to another.

  1. Jif Lemon Juice

It is one of those products that first came up with plastic into the packaging. This lemon-like shape was created by carving out the shape, and then the fresh lemon peel is embedded on top of it to give it a creative texture and a more natural look.

  1. Pasta Nikita Packaging

These boxes are proof of how creative and unique food packaging can be. Strands and shapes of pasta are creatively utilized to create packaging that customers cannot resist buying.

  1. Molotow Milk

This packaging is designed especially for kids who never want to drink milk. The bottle resembles the light beam coming out of the Ufo while the cap resembles the UFO itself.

  1. Beeswax Honey Package

This sustainable and completely waste-free packaging focuses on 100% beeswax which can be burnt down into a candle.

  1. French Fries Box With A Pocket For Sauce

This design was a winner in the packaging design category, 2016-2017. This allows customers to squeeze ketchup out of it rather than putting it on a plate.

  1. Milk Carton that Changes Color Near-Expiry Date

The boxes alone are enough to let you know how fresh the milk is when you are in a hurry and forget to read the expiry date.

  1. Chip Can Which Turns Into A Bowl

Pringles might be your favorite chips, but its packaging sucks. This packaging spread out too create a bowl, and it won a Red Dot Award for its noticeable artistry.

  1. Italian Spaghetti with 6 Servings

These boxes contain spaghetti in 6 equal servings to save on waste and can be used in the future as well.

  1. Tea Bag that Swells Into Goldfish

Samoa which is a tea manufacturing company has come up with a trendsetting tea product. The teabags swell into a goldfish when they are dipped in hot water.