What are Different B/w Cardboard and Paper Packaging?

Posted On: Dec-24-2019  By: Elena Oscar Custom Boxes

The packaging is an art of wrapping goods and items for distribution, storage, and sale. It reflects the impression of a brand or an item towards its potential market. Manufacturers and retailers spend money, time, and energy to make a creative outlook that inspires their customers and engage them. While choosing a material for wrapping and packaging, it is important to consider the protection, preservation, and transportation of items. Cardboard boxes, paper packing, corrugated boxes, and paper boards are durable and protective in nature; they provide the ultimate solution for packing goods in a uniform way.

Cardboard and paper both are considered as the cheapest and most feasible material for packing goods. When it comes to packaging, manufacturers and producers rely on cardboard material or paper due to their numerous properties. They are not only protective in nature but also provide an opportunity for recycling.

Cardboard vs. Paper


Cardboard refers to thick and durable brown paper that is commonly used for making boxes and other packing material. It is used at an industrial or wholesale level to pack and deliver a product. It reflects the variety that may be card stock, fiberboard, or paperboard.

Paper refers to a thin material that is manufactured by crushing wood, and used for different purposes like for writing, printing, designing or for packaging as well. Paper is an important material and plays an important role in our society. If we talk about manufacturing or packaging industry, it is used for goods or product wrapping.

Difference between Paper and Cardboard Packaging


Paper or cardboard both have their significant importance in packing and manufacturers use them as per their need and requirement. If we talk about manufacturing, both types follow a different manufacturing process and come up with different features. Paper is a thin sheet prepared by crushing wood, and cardboard is made up of durable and thick material.

Paper packaging is usually light in weight and provides an easy to pack solution to goods and products. It usually comes in paper bags, wraps, disposable cups, plates, and many more. This type of packing is usually brought into practice by small business, especially the food industry like bakery, confectionery or stores, and marts. It is cost-effective with accessible disposal properties that make it a priority choice for packing food items, or frozen food products.

It is light in weight and not so durable for heavy items. Due to its eco-friendly properties, paper bags are commonly found at grocery stores and in marts and used instead of plastic bags to carry things. You can recycle a paper bag easily and use it for different other purposes.

Instead of paper, cardboard is relatively thick and durable; it is made up of thick corrugated material. Its durability depends upon its thickness; the manufacturer can customize it as per their requirement. It is usually used for packing products and items in different industries. Due to its long-lasting durability, it can protect the items and helps to increase their shelf life.


Wholesale Cardboard boxes are highly in demand for the packaging of edible items, cosmetics, fabrics, toys, and many more. They are available in different sizes and can be printed with different themes and layouts to make a significant impact of brand on its potential market.

Cardboard is easy to recycle, and due to its material, it becomes the best option to transport goods from one place to another. Large containers and cartons are made up of cardboard and use for shipping and goods delivery. Packages are durable in nature but light in weight, companies prefer to have them because they help to protect and provide strength to fragile goods.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard encasements are protective and durable in nature and are the most feasible and reliable option for packing heavy and sensitive products. They not only provide support and protection but also help to increase goods shelf life in storage. Here are some remarkable benefits of using cardboard as the packing material.


  1. Protection

They are reliable, durable, and suitable for fragile products. A Manufacturer can customize them easily as per requirement; their multiple layer structure helps to carry, hold, and transport heavy items easily. Cardboard material has the ability to protect goods from moisture, heat, microbes, and any other environmental threat and provides a sustainable solution towards packaging.

  1. Cost-effective

Cardboards are less expensive, and due to recyclable properties, they are helpful for a manufacturer in saving money and time, they provide affordable pacing solution.

  1. Flexible

Cardboard cartons are adjustable in nature and available in different sizes, designs and can be customized as per requirement. The material provides an opportunity for customization regarding thickness; a manufacturer can add or reduce multiple layers to make carton more delicate and protective.

  1. Recyclable

Cardboard cartons are recyclable as compared to any other material. While doing recycling manufacturer does not need to invest more, at recycling cardboard is just shredded and mixed with water and by adding wax a new carton is ready to pack more products.

No matter what kind of material you are going to use for product packaging like cardboard or paper. They both have different features and qualities and used for a different type of goods. When it comes to wrapping small items or lightweight products, paper bags are a feasible option. While cardboard cartons are sufficient for the massive and huge goods packing, they provide protection and support during transportation and shipment of material.                               

Cardboard and paper packaging both are used for product wrapping. Retailers are focused to invest on creative packaging to make outlook interactive. Creative packaging keep customers engaged with product.

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