Top 10 Packaging Trends for Personal Care Industry

Posted On: Dec-24-2019  By: Elena Oscar Personal Care Packaging

Evolution of man has led to consequent evolution in trends, customs, norms and practices that human beings believe in. this change in common practices has simultaneously resulted in a changed and revolutionized development in the thought process as well as the approach towards certain phenomenon as well. Personal hygiene was not so much of an issue or something to pay extra heed to in the previous times, but now, with the passage of time human beings have developed awareness about the necessity of maintaining personal hygiene in order to live a healthy and prosperous life.

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This extra attention that human beings have begun giving themselves has resulted in mass production of products related to personal care. According to some statistics, personal care industry has erupted and massively revolutionized during the last decade. This massive scale of production has consequently resulted into an increasing demand in the packaging requirements and trends for products related to personal hygiene.

  1. The Smaller the Better

The Smaller the Better

Modern man is almost always on the go. They do not at times have the relaxation to sit in and have a relaxed routine of personal care. Every day new and more compact styles of packaging are introduced in the market to facilitate the consumers who have to carry their utilities along with them to places far and near. Compact and sleek lip balm boxes are an example of such portable handy and small sized packaging.

  1. Functionality is the Key

Functionality is the Key

If a packaging is compact and affordable enough to be easily carried around plus it performs all the necessary functionalities that the product encased inside of it demands and requires, what more could a product manufacturer ask for? The most important function in common opinion is considered that the packaging of a product should imperatively perform the role of a virtual brand ambassador. This is where the printing of the packaging comes into practice. In today’s world common man does not have enough time to actually ponder upon what they buy so obviously they go for an item encased in a package that screams out their requirement. For instance, specific types of lotions are packaged in customized lotion boxes that boldly represent the salient feature of that particular lotion item.

  1. Target the Genres

Target the Genres

Personal care industry is something that has to have an answer to problems related to all types of personal care problems and that too for people belonging to all walks of life and all ages as well. This requires the packaging of specific products to target the genre, age and sect of people that it is especially beneficial for. Every now and then we witness a funky and cool nail polish box and then another comes up with a completely somber and elegant look. This is because the changing trends of packaging have analyzed the fact that at times just an efficient combination of colors and style can speak volumes about the nature and vitality of the product packaged inside of it.

  1. Less Hassle More Revenue

Less Hassle More Revenue

Modern age is all about speed and convenience, therefor packaging companies have innovated creative packaging ideas that are both convenient to carry and hassle free to open and consume. People habitually go for a product that does not take so much time to open and close and this for all obvious reasons results in a boost in revenue for the organization the product is manifested from.

  1. Wrap and Roll

Wrap and Roll Soap Packaging

Soap packaging is one of the most comprehensive example of how wrapping has evolved in the packaging industry. Every now and then we witness an elegantly rolled soap in an enticing wrap that speaks in loud and clear statement what attributes the soap bar beholds.

  1. Carrying Convenience

Carrying Convenience

What is easy to carry is convenient to utilize. In times where finding substantial time for any ordeal of life is a task in itself, products that are easily carry able are no less than a blessing. Especially for items that are associated with daily personal hygiene, carrying convenience is something that common people primarily look for.

  1. Trending Fashion

Trending Fashion

Keeping in pace with the latest fashion trends is almost as important as addressing the genres with your style of packaging. One of the increasing trends in the packaging of personal care products is believed to be the matching and utilization of the latest fashion trends and upcoming styles.

  1. Compelling Add-on’s

Compelling Add-ons

The increasing trend of practicing personal hygiene has also resulted into the new emergence and indulgence of upcoming brands and companies into production of personal care items. Thus we find zillions of personal care products with minimum to no differentiation between each other except for their packaging and brand position in the market. Some additional add on items offered as a compliment along the actual item is rapidly coming into trend.

  1. Entice the Explorers

Entice the Explorers

People belonging to a younger age group tend to experiment and explore new items more as compared to the elderly people. Packaging that has an attractive and compelling touch to itself is bound to attract such explorers to try out the item packaged inside sometimes just for the sake of experiencing the packaging that it is offered in.

  1. Eco is the Logo

Eco is the Logo

The increase of awareness in people have diverted them to trying out products that scream about their eco-friendly attributes. Especially in terms of packaging, those products are highly preferred that distinguishingly exhibit their green existence.

Personal care industry is undoubtedly revolutionizing with the passage of time. Along with that, they are taking care of product packaging to make them more attractive for customers. Appealing packaging is not just attractive but also enhancing experience by making it more hygienic.  

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