How to Push Back the Negative Environmental Impact of Packaging?

Posted On: May-14-2019  By: Elena Oscar Eco Friendly Packaging

How Packaging Impact Environment?

Landfills have long been a problem facing the world. Many companies are making their efforts to contribute towards healthier environment, waste statistics are still alarming. Packing-related materials make up more than 30 percent of landfill waste. Generally, customer goods produce around 207 million tons of packaging waste yearly. Here’s how packaging impact negatively on environment and how we can reduce them.

  • It wastes natural resources which lead to natural disasters.
  • It releases harmful chemicals which pollutes air, soil, water, and heavily harm wildlife.
  • It generates greenhouse gas emission and requires a lot of energy.

Plastic Packaging and its Pros and Cons

Plastic Packaging

Plastic surrounds us its inexpensive, convenient, and useful. We drink water in it, store our food, and not to forget brush our teeth with it. Plastic being a crucial part of our daily life still we are ignorant about this wonderful material. Our everyday use of plastic is loading up the planet with toxic and extremely dangerous chemicals. Plastic packaging could be even more dangerous when it’s not properly collected or disposed of. Its remains carry a major threat to our eco-system filling up our oceans and poisoning wild life on a massive scale.

On the other hand, people don’t realize that how plastic packaging can also be beneficial for environment if it is collected and disposed of properly. Plastic Packaging is lightweight this means you can use fewer vehicles and less fuel to transport it. Plastic packaging makes a positive contribution to saving resources and reducing emissions.

What can a Person do to Control these Factors?

Companies are playing their role by using reusable, recyclable, or renewable material in their packaging to reduce packaging waste. We can also contribute in doing so by simply putting few things into practice.

Try not to use Plastic Water Bottles

Reduce your own plastic waste by not buying plastic bottles and using reusable water bottles daily. Try using a glass at your workplace and home to ditch plastic water bottles.

Start Recycling

Plastic packaging is valuable and should be recycled. Collect the plastic material that is to be recycled and no longer needed. You can return single-use plastic bags to the grocery store so they can be recycled. Recycling plastic material can further enhance sustainability of packaging.

Choose Reusable Packaging

This approach is yet to reach its full potential but offers significant benefits in terms of sustainability and productivity. So, while going on shopping and doing grocery you can always choose eco-friendly packaging such as buying jam in glass jars that can be reused as vases and drink jars.

Choose Minimal Packaging Products

Choosing ecological and minimalistic packaging directly helps with the fortification of environment as packaging is usually made from biodegradable and recycled material which reduces waste of natural resources. According to Nielsen Global Survey 55% of global online customers across 60 countries states that they are willing to pay more for products by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Buy in Bulk

Many of the products we purchase contain money and natural resources to make. A person can save on packaging as well as money choosing to purchase in bulk such as buying a larger container of shampoo, toothpaste or even toilet papers is the item you can buy in bulk to reduce plastic waste. Study stated while buying food in bulk can save customer up to 89%.

Benefits of Implementing Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Many companies are making a shift towards sustainable packaging which not only impacts positively on human health but also has benefits that come along with it.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The weight of your packaging material will directly impact the energy required to produce finished goods. Cutting down on the amount of packaging will positively impact your carbon footprint as their will be less consumption of fossil fuel to produce goods. Implementing sustainable material and processes will reduce the negative impact that it has on the environment.

Less Use of Resources

Those who are not fully aware of flexible plastic packaging have a negative view on it but on the other hand plastics have a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint. The use of ecological packaging plays a role in the amount of energy to produce finished goods or to make actual packaging itself. It can decrease water usage, solid waste, and use of electricity.

Reduced Packaging, More Space

Reducing your packaging material allows you to ship more products than before while reducing your freight cost. This helps in cutting down on the number of transports which ends up saving money. Less space is required to store your smaller finished goods allowing you to utilize the available space and expanding your product line. The smaller package footprints will consume less space on the shelves and allow for more creative display.

Free of Toxins and Allergens

Biodegradable and ecological packaging is making its way to easy implementation and is mostly non-toxic and allergy free. Several packaging companies are using flexible packaging option to contribute positively in environment but it yet to implement properly and everywhere.

Sales Escalation

Mostly consumers prefer in making purchase from the brands that are up to greater cause such as environmental protection and reducing carbon footprint which can potentially increase your sales.

Save Money

Environmentally- friendly packaging tends to be packaged in more lightweight material which can ultimately cut down on your shipping costs. Not to mention customers will also appreciate your lightweight packaging which is easier to recycle.

Why Consumer Prefer Environmentally-focused Packaging?

Eco Friendly Packaging

All of this clearly explains why more and more people are concerned with what products are made out of and the harm they can potentially have on their health and environment. Many consumers care about the impact they have on the environment which directly relates to the brands they choose to purchase goods from.

How a Company may Work to Make Improvements?

From the past few years majority of the business seeking to adopt more sustainable packaging practices. Progressive packaging methods that help the planet include:

Use recyclable material.

  • Go Natural
  • Sleek Packaging
  • Consider unique, innovative, and high-tech material
  • Rethink the Packaging

The challenging thing is to Increase the eco-friendly use of packaging as it negatively impacts the environment in several ways.

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