How Cardboard Boxes Could be More Creative?

Posted On: Jul-23-2019  By: Elena Oscar Cardboard Boxes

It has become the need of today’s world to be skillful about the way you do anything, especially when it comes to packaging, wrapping, and creating custom products. With the advancement in technology, the trends have been changed. It is not hidden from the world that there are ways to mold and design anything, which has raised the expectations of the people.

Cardboard boxes have gained new popularity since people have become aware of the full potential of them. There is nothing that cannot be done with these containers. They are printing, crafting, art, molding friendly, and the most important is that they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Not being or being environmental friendly changes the whole perspective of the consumers about the company. These are light in weight yet durable and strong, cheap yet high in quality, what else does someone need.


The use of this packing solution is not only confined to containing the products and is widely used for storing, organizing, and shipping too. The uses and variety of it are unmatchable.

Creativity is something that cannot be taught or learned. It comes from within and by exploring and experimenting with different ideas and imaginations. Do not limit yourself to the typical brown carton which people are tired of and want to see something creative and interacting.

Interactive Packaging:

Interactive Packaging

The best favor you can do to your average paperboard is to give life to it by making it interactive. It is a type of packaging that physically involves the customers with the product, which makes it fun and memorable for a really long time.

Creating designs like these can enhance the fun and collaborative side of it.

  • Pressing a button to open up the box, which is unusual as every box has a tuck-in flip top.
  • Pulling out tray box
  • Giving them shapes exactly like a product as designing a box in the shape and color of the nut that is packed inside.
  • Open up from the top
  • Shapes like drawers and cupboards for cosmetic and perfumes
  • A compartment in the case for items like skincare, makeup, watches, and products that come in a set.
  • Package with the message, a little history about the product or maybe a company, a message or printed inside and really enhance the typical style to something new.

Distinctive Designs:

While designing the wholesale cardboard boxes you can makes the changes that are unmatchable and bring a twist to your packages.

  • Imprinting cute faces on plain board
  • If you want to save extra bucks on white or high-end cases, you can simply add foiling on a plain brown box with the hint of contrastive color that is prominent
  • Window cuts in divergent shapes, shapes that give sneak peek of the product from inside.

Unusual Shapes:

Unusual Shapes

Most significant advantage of paperboard is that it can be given any shape, in any size and dimension with different openings like:

  • Bucket
  • Round central opening
  • Cartons with handles or tap opening for liquids such as drinks and juices
  • Opening mechanisms like tearing, pulling, and twisting.

It depends on you how beyond the limit you can go and what you are selling and how much money you can spend on packing.

Outside Styling:

Outside Styling

It is not necessary to have printing designing and to shape the cartons by spending a lot of bucks on it. These cost-effective ways can also change your designing game.

  • Custom tapes: Time-effective, low cost, and funky way to give a twist to the containers are custom tape designed in any color or design. Tapes with company logo are like a last nail in the coffin. By using two or more tapes in contrast or matching can also be used as it is not written anywhere that only one can be used and not more than that.
  • Personalized stickers: To give an aesthetic look to the custom cardboard packaging, personalized stickers are proved to be trendy and less time-consuming.
  • Jute wrapping: Jute is a rough fabric or twine made up of the tropical plant. It gives a really retro look and can be paired with a stylish note or a sticker. Pasting a notecard and fixing it with twine roughly tied or wrapped around gives a classy touch to the whole package.
  • Handwritten note: Essence, love, care, and affection never goes to waste and is appreciated the most as it shows the effort put into something. It is remembered for the longest time and adds and extra worth to the brand.

The ways are unlimited, means and options are countless, resources and mediums are beyond comprehension; the need is to bring out the hidden creativity in you and break the seal of hesitation to experiment. It does not matter how many times you make mistakes, the thing that matters the most, in the end, is to come up with something extraordinary.   

Go beyond the limits when you have the means to creative and innovative. It would be unfair to limit yourself and not utilizing the resources available for making creative boxes.

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