Custom Boxes with Logo – An Ultimate Solution for Business

Posted On: Apr-01-2019  By: Elena Oscar Ultimate Packaging Solution

Boxes with logo are common in retail and wholesale market, there are couple of factors behind this scenario are working. Alike branding these are cost-efficient, attractive, identifiable and charming. Logo is the symbol of branding, it helps customers to buy your products and it builds the user trust on your product. A large number of customers only buy new stuff just because there is a logo of a trusted trader is printed on the box. So, boxes that are custom made and having logo become luxury in nature and attract more customers easily.

Customization Process – Understanding Of the Concept

Customization help in getting properly managed boxes, you can get desired shape cartons, can place labels, customize shapes, colors are attractive and they build your brand. So, the boxes that are customized are unique in shape and loved by all consumers. In addition to this, these are cost-efficient and available in all materials.

Major Benefits of Customization for Business

The custom printed boxes have a positive impact on the sale of the product. Your desired color, design and shape could be achieved and through this competitive edge could be gain in the market. Moreover, healthy packaging help in transportation, storing and sorting them in the warehouses. Different essential coatings, UV sheets and effects that are essential could be obtained in this process. So, there is a huge list of benefits of having customized features.

Logo – Logo –Logo Why It Is Used For Packaging? The Opinion of Businessman

Why Logo on Packaging

Logo could be a symbol, sign, name of the product and it is actually registered under copyright laws of the USA. When placing it on the box, it leads to branding. Almost all the USA made products have a logo on them and they think it rational and necessary obligation to do. Because of the huge competition, such products are easily recognized by logo, for instance, the Nestle badge on pampers and kids milk represent the parent brand that is logo. So, the products and sub brands under one umbrella also use the parent logo to represent their identity.

Relation between Logo and Customization

It has a direct relation, first of all it is trendy to place logo on the box. Second, it represents the parent identity. Thirdly, it increases the sales and express your business. Forth, through customization it could be place at any suitable place on the box. On the other hand, pre made boxes are simply brown and have no attraction. There is only one option for them to place label and sticker on it.

The Real Benefit Of Logo Is (?) – Read out The Full Article

Actually, no business could exist in long run without having proper marketing and branding. This symbol tells the user and convey your brand message to the customer. Its color, design represent a specific culture, product and sense. For example, the Nestle milk logo contain the eagle nest, this represent the purity of milk. Similarly, all the logo actually represents something specific and significant. The 3 sections in the BMW logo represents that they deal in three areas that are land, air and water. So, they build engines for naval yards, cars and air planes. So, logo has great impact on customers and they are always representing something pertaining to your product.

Is The Placement Of The Logo Costly? Isn’t It?

The placement does not cost but its placement matters, it should be placed in front of the carton. So, its placement in front of the box help customers to find the parent brand, ultimately there are more sales at the end of the business cycle.

Consumer Behavior after Seeing Logo on the Box – A Solution Strategy

Marketing strategies that are very common in the industry have positive impacts on the customer mind, people are brand conscious and they always love to buy branded products. So, this brand symbol help customer to buy a branded stuff.

This Is Just A Perfect Way of Brand Awareness for the Customer

Brand Awareness

Placing logo on the box is a perfect way to aware customer about the brand, but there are issues pertaining to this strategy. One of them is fake marketing and illegal use of bog brands. So, the branded products logo is trademarked and there are strict laws in the USA about them.

Does It Affect The Cost Or Legal In All Means?

As it is mentioned above its cost is nothing but it is legally requiring in order to track the sales of a company. The product sale and tax is measured on the capacity of a product production that has same logo. So, it is legally required now.

Examples of Top Brand, Having the Only Logo on the Box

Nestle, Kit Kat, Lays, Medora products, Keune products, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, Avon, Gillette, and Colgate have a logo on the box. All such brands viral their product and achieve the maximum place in the market. The big M of Mac Donald’s is easily reachable in the market because of its height and unique style. Almost all the food items of Mac Donald’s are packed in Kraft paper boxes and big M is printed on them. This makes them viral and they have built the biggest brand in the world.

What Alternatives Could Be For The Logo? Any Idea in Mind

The essential factors of a logo that make it attractive are the following, its color combination, font style, uniqueness, presentation of the product, brand message all are packed inside of the logo. When it comes to the alternative, unfortunately, there is no alternative to the logo. Without logo, your product would be called Chinese product that has no brand except a Chinese brand.

A logo is an essential packaging of custom printed boxes. It helps in brand awareness that automatically lead to increased revenue. Custom boxes with logo give an identity to your product and business so, people start trusting you.

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