An Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail Marketing

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Direct mail marketing is a strategy to advertise a business through sending physical letters brochures, packages, postcards and mailers to potential customers and prospects. This strategy is used in both kinds of selling as business to customer and business to the business sales approach. Even though with the digital revolution, the response rate of direct mail has dropped but still, this tool is very effective for marketing and sales practice.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Direct Mail?

Benefits And Drawbacks

The postal marketing contains a higher response rate that the electronic mails. On average a person receives 121 emails daily and there are few chances of getting response through email marketing, but about 6 persons in 10 enjoy checking their mailboxes and respond as well as the postal marketing material needs less time to convey your message.  An email has superior ROI as it is cheaper to send in large number and can reach maximum people with comparison to direct mail. Direct mail marketing could be costly as the cost of printing and posting is much greater than electronic mail as it can be sent to a large number of people within seconds and without any cost.

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What Is The Common Response Percentage For a Direct Mail Drive?      

Response Percentage

The response rate depends on the provided information and products. Even the use of digital marketing is getting the hype but in past few years, it is increasing as in 2019 it is measured as 9% for house lists and 4.9% for prospect list with comparison to 2017 it is much greater ratio which means that the practice of direct mail is taking place again.

How to Form an Operative Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct Mail Campaign

The results of a campaign depending on the formation and procedures that are assumed to be followed throughout the campaign. For an effective campaign here are some steps or hints that can be beneficial for you to create a purposeful campaign through direct mail.

  • Choose Your Marketing Campaign Objective:

Every campaign needs a clear and unambiguous objective to determine its direction, similarly, for direct mail marketing campaign, the goal or objective is must as this is what you are going to achieve. This might be building brand awareness, increasing sales for your business and many more objectives to achieve.

  • Pinpoint Your Target Audience:

Once you are aware of your campaign goal, now it is compulsory to target a specific audience that is beneficial for achieving your goals. It depends on the category of your business or objective and also behaviors and demographic conditions that might suit your campaign.

  • Choose a Fascinating Offer:

For convincing your prospect through postage marketing, it is compulsory to offer some incentives to achieve your campaign objectives. It might be an additional event, discounts or buy one get one free offer to convince them to use your product or respond to your objective.

  • Create Your Direct Mail Piece:

Direct mail contains three main components as the format of postage like postage boxes, postal envelops, etc., copying a message of concern and design or structure of mailer. Pick the design that works for your message and your potential audience best by bearing in mind how much space you require to present your marketing message.

  • Schedule and Track Your Mailing:

Choose the appropriate time of mailing the promotional stuff according to the need of business or campaign. If you are going to promote seasonal products, it is best to mail them right before the start of the season. After distributing mailing stuff keep the check on the response rate through changing stats of business.

Tips for Fruitful Direct Mail Strategy

Direct Mail Strategy

Here are some tips for ruining a direct marketing campaign successfully. 

  • Send direct mail majorly to your best prospects or potential people who might seem interested in such activities or business. It will save your time and money and will result in a greater response from prospective people.
  • Upsurge the open rates with handwritten addresses as handwritten addresses make the feeling of specialness for the prospect and high open rate will help you to get maximum conversions and increase the response rate.
  • Run Facebook Advertisements in Combination with Your Direct Mail as it will help you to reach out maximum people and convey your message efficiently as those people who even did not receive your mails might get convinced with your offers and this will help you to get maximum of results.
  • You can Personalize Direct Mail Campaigns through knowing the behavior of prospective audience through using customer data. It will help you to develop a strategy according to their needs. Always follow up your prospect through digital means of marketing to get maximum response and make your campaign successful.

Dos and Don’ts for Successful Direct Mail Campaign:

Dos and Don’ts

For the successful marketing campaign through there are some point that must be considered.


  • Use only one message for a campaign to keep your audience clear about your objective.
  • Chose the appropriate audience.
  • Keep your tone understandable and simple to convey your message effectively.
  • Offer incentives as people respond to them.


  • Avoid sending mails to irrelevant people to save time and get better results.
  • Do not use generic messages.
  • It must be sent to a targeted audience, sending it to a massive number of people might be useless.
  • Do not get panic take time to cover maximum people and better results. Hasty moves might distract you from your objective.

Nowadays, businesses are again adopting direct mail marketing strategy to reach prospects. Strategy is not only adopted for promotional purpose but also for getting in touch. 

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